Ubisoft has filed a Trademark for 1666 in the United States

A trademark listing has been discovered from Ubisoft for 1666 with the United States Trademark and Patents Office.

When THQ shut down in 2013 many of the companies assets were seperated among varying companies who brought the right to many games, franchises and companies, among the things Ubisoft acquired was THQ Montreal and 1666. 1666 was a game being brought to us by Patrice Desilets the creator of Assassins Creed, little was known about this game when it was first revealed and again we know little about it right now.

Development of the game was shut down”for an undisclosed period of time” back in 2013. Of which part of this may have been caused Desilets trying to sue Ubisoft to get the complete rights to the game.

It is believed that 1666 is the game from years ago due to its Class 9 filing which specifies game software. According to Dualshockers the filing is “entirely separate” from Class 41, which is for “online components” for game software. However Ubisoft does still maintain a previous United States trademark listing for 1666 from 2012 which covers both Class 9 and 41.

It is impossible to say if anything will come from this, but it is very likely development of the game could have resumed and perhaps Ubisoft is preparing for an E3 showing.

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