Ubisoft is right to punish The Division players for using exploits

When Ubisoft updated their latest game The Division in April it brought with it a good selection of upgrades to help fix problems and better enhance player experience. But the update also brought to life a new problem, or should I say help for the players, it really depends on your perspective on this issue with this glitch that has appeared in the game making it easier for players and because of this many have been exploiting it.

For those unaware in this glitch players gained the ability to bypass powerful enemies by pushing through a wall in order to grab a series of high power level equipment. In using this glitch the game is tricked into never noticing that this equipment has been taken and by ordinary means getting this equipment was available only once per week, due to this players have been able to force themselves through the game quicker than it should be possible.

Ubisoft has recently started taking a hard look at the issue and has been considering extreme ramifications for those who have chosen to use the glitch rather than play the game properly which has caused an outcry among the fan base. Ubisoft’s decision may seem extreme but it actually is one that makes a lot of sense (to which I will explain shortly), as part of their argument Ubisoft’s community manager has highlighted to the companies Code of Conduct which strictly speaks against cheaters which is essentially what this glitch is presenting.

This in turn has led too many complaining about the decision, some people are only slightly annoyed but others are complaining excessively stating that this is wrong and that others should be blamed. A particular player even made this argument which suggests it is not the player’s faults that they are technically cheating.

“Try to understand that your customers can’t create exploits, only you can do that. If you want to hand out punishments, start with your staff. Let’s ban them from their paychecks.”

The reason I include this person’s argument is because he shows a natural reaction, he deflects the problem to someone else to not accept his or her own wrongdoings and I will address that this person is wrong. While they make a good argument and it is true that this is the work of the developers not checking everything before release it is still not the developers fault. By their very argument they suggest that the developers should be punished but by their own argument they lose, sure the developers may have accidentally created an exploit but it was not them that essentially caused this problem.

At no point did a developer make anybody use this glitch, it is not like the developers basically told players how to get to it and how to use it, in fact it is likely that they were unaware of the glitch until somebody found it. So by definition sure the developers created it but it was the players that gave it life, they were never instructed to use the glitch and in turn they chose to. I seriously have to draw into question the player’s argument of the developers fault and truthfully we must turn the blame back upon ourselves for using the issues of The Division for our own advantage.

So back to the question of whether Ubisoft should be punishing players for using the glitch and whether it is fair, and the simple answer is yes, Ubisoft has every right to punish players. While the same argument could be presented for many other games I think the line is drawn more in online games like The Division, the moral grey area is changed and while the game may feature a certain level of freedom using an exploit is simply cheating and does breach the Code of Conduct which states.

Exploitation of any new or known issues or bugs is forbidden and may result in account suspension or revocation.

So by that right cheaters should be punished, they chose their actions and for those that cheat we are always taught that they never prosper and must be punished accordingly. We can state that they were morally and mentally conscience of their decisions and acted as such rather than playing properly they chose to cheat, so for as extreme as the decision may seem it is completely warranted.

Beyond this Ubisoft is showing their stance on cheating and how players using such methods can be affected, that you will be punished for your actions. They are bringing a true meaning to their Code of Conduct and are showing the real nature that it is something real and it does hold merit. I would even consider that in acting today and punishing those who cheated they are setting up the future, they are providing truth to the words of their own codes and will light the way to make games fairer in the future.

This also shows why players should read the Code of Conduct before playing, rules are made for a reason whether to keep a game fair, keeping it sensitive or simply provide a fair balance. By playing you basically accepted your future actions and by using the exploit you sealed your fate and broke the agreement, Ubisoft is simply going to go ahead on their side of the deal and your punishment is warranted. Players of The Division can complain and argue all they want but this Code of Conduct has been around longer than the glitch and they chose to ignore the rules, Ubisoft is simply making the right choice.

The question that is raised now is how players can be punished and what is too far, while Ubisoft has laid out no solid details on their decision it does draw into question how their impending actions may affect the players. By very argument the action needs to match the crime and if it goes too far then the players have a right to complain, again they chose their actions but a fitting consequence needs to be placed which could be as easy as taking infringers and disposing of all their ill-gotten gains and setting them back. But we can also argue that a serious account suspension would also fit as the Code of Conduct suggests in multiple parts, it would fit the crime and teach players a lesson.

For how extreme Ubisoft may be going their argument for punishment is a good idea and is the right thing to do, this will act in a manner which may present players in the future with knowledge about using exploits and prevent them from doing so. Perhaps this will bring thought and acknowledgement to Code of Conducts in the future and perspective players may be more vigilant. If you used the exploit in The Division you basically committed an in game crime and you deserve the punishment Ubisoft will give you despite your complaining.

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