Ubisoft has officially cancelled Rainbow 6: Patriots

Ubisoft has had Rainbow 6: Patriots in development for a while though unfortunetly we haven’t head heard much about a release date until know, that is to say we will ever see a release date as Alexandre Remy, Rainbow Six brand director has confirmed the game has been cancelled, his statement is below:

“It’s not in development anymore. The main decision was some months after Patriots was announced in 2011 that was the first moment we knew the first generation of new consoles were coming. So obviously at that moment and for a franchise such as Rainbow we needed to decide if we could make something for next-gen and we were already pretty advanced in the development of Patriots. It would require doing a lot of extra things.”

“It was a strategic decision to make that happen. It’s hard to imagine a Rainbow Six game that doesn’t use the latest technology. We had to decide do we keep working on something that might be a bit late in the cycle or do we actually take that opportunity of next-gen?”

I feel sorry for those people who have been waiting anxiously for this game but fortunately life goes on and who knows what we will see in the future.

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