Ubisoft PR Director Fired

The list of Ubisoft executives and upper management types being ousted from the company grew by one as PR Director Stone Chin was fired. Chin himself released the news on a post on TwitLonger, indicating that Ubisoft terminated him for failing “to uphold the company’s code of conduct over the course of my career at the company.”

Among the litany of allegations coming from Ubisoft employees over the course of the last month, Chin himself was accused of sexual assault in 2012. He insists that his termination was not in response to those allegations, stating that Ubisoft “conducted investigations into the claim over the years and never told me that it had determined that I had committed any wrongdoing.”

Chin states that he had not seen Ubisoft’s full investigation report, but claims that Ubisoft was concerned with his management style when they decided to terminate his employment. What he seems to have seen of that report mentions a pair of incidents where he “asked…coworkers out on dates and when they declined, felt that I gave them a cold shoulder in response.”

What’s unusual about this situation is that Ubisoft (so far) has not commented on Chin’s termination. Everything seems to be coming directly from Chin himself. Given that he was the PR director, it’s entirely possible that Ubisoft has not quite been able to get his replacement up to speed to produce an official statement. We’ll update this story as it develops.

Ubisoft has terminated or received resignations from several highly placed individuals over the last month, including the global head of HR, two vice presidents in the editorial division, the head of their Canadian studios, and their chief creative officer. While CEO Yves Guillemot has promised to implement “profound changes,” it seems likely there will be further departures before those changes come into effect.

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