Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End story trailer released

Uncharted 4 has been going down an interesting road, after many delays Naughty Dog is finally releasing the game on April 26th of this year, but wait although we have heard plenty about the game and even seen footage on numerous occasions, one thing that seemed missing was a trailer. Yes throughout all the footage and discussion no trailer had been shown, that is until now, finally Naughty Dog has pulled back the curtain and delivered us a brand new story trailer. All I can say with this trailer is wow, firstly the cinematic’s look spectacular and secondly this seems like it could divulge into a truly action packed but also dramatic adventure. After seeing this I just want to play the game more as it makes me wonder what is going to happen and how the return of Nathan Drake’s long lost brother will put a spanner into the peaceful life he has built for himself. Honestly this trailer is great though it does now annoy me that I have to wait about two months for the game to arrive but it should be worth it, you can watch the new story trailer below:

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