Nintendo releases Twilight Princess retrospective series, first episode looks back at the development

In a little over a week Wii U owners will be getting their hands on The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD a remastered version of the 2006 original game. The original Wii/ GameCube release was a big deal when it originally, Twilight Princess was the game to expect, after people were disappointed by the art style of Wind Waker this break to the realistic design got them excited, was this game going to be the new Ocarina of Time? Well no, however the game is still well loved and the Wii U release is perfect to allow more people to replay the game or experience it for the very first time. Either way Nintendo has started releasing a brand new video series that looks back at the development of The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess with the developers  themselves. It is interesting to see the developers take and how certain aspects got them excited for the game and helped them through the struggles, you can see the first part below:

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