Uncharted: Fortune Hunter available for free on IOS and Android devices

With anticipations for Uncharted 4 soaring at massive heights thanks to a matter of days until release Sony has decided to board the hype train for the franchise and release a mobile Uncharted game.

Yes, you read that right a mobile Uncharted game, of course if you are looking at this don’t expect the massive heights of the main series games, don’t come looking for action and adventure because that is not this game. Instead Uncharted: Fortune Hunter focuses on the player traversing through different levels in order to earn unlocks and collect treasure to gain new costumes and other rewards. Many have brought up similarities to mobile game Monument Valley it just has an Uncharted skin covering it.

If you wish for Uncharted in a stranger form the game is available for free on IOS and Android devices, additional content and applications to do with this game will cost money all though I am uncertain on how much you get free here.

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