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As one of the most beloved franchises of all time, Star Wars has content for practically every entertainment medium. Although it hasn’t yet evolved to the point of blockchain games (and hopefully won’t), regular video games are the Star Wars brand’s strong suit, and gamer fans have plenty to be excited about yet again. Let’s dive in to see what Star Wars video games will be released in the near future.

Star Wars: Hunters

Star Wars: Hunters is one of the most anticipated Star Wars games. Since its announcement during Nintendo Direct in February 2021, fans have been speculating about this exciting new release.

Unfortunately, the wait has been longer than expected – Star Wars: Hunters was supposed to come out last year, but its release has been pushed to 2022, with no official date as of yet. When it does come out, the game should be available on Android, iOS, and the Nintendo Switch.

The game takes place in the Arena, on the planet Vespaara, before the plot of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens and after the fall of the Galactic Empire.

The players will have the chance to experience various squad vs. squad modes, including:

  • Control
  • Escort
  • Huttball

In Control mode, the objective is to take over the Control Point. In Escort, the teams have two roles: One is the attacker, and the other is the defender. The attacker aims to safely transfer a payload to the other side of the map, while the defenders try to stop them. Lastly, Huttball has the teams trying to score a goal with the Huttball in 5-minute matches.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake

One of the best Star Wars games (and video games in general) ever made, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic from 2003, is getting a remake. While the release date is still unknown, at launch, it will be available on PlayStation 5, and later on, an Xbox and PC version will be released.

As it is a remake, we know some of the basic outlines: The plot is set 4,000 years before the events of the Star Wars movies, and you will most likely still play as Darth Revan; other than that, it has been announced that the rest of the game is being rebuilt “from the ground up.”

Star Wars Eclipse

Star Wars Eclipse is slightly different from the previous game on this list, as it takes place in more recent Star Wars history, that is, the High Republic era. The game will have various new characters, whose fate will depend on player choices. The setting is the Outer Rim, and players will have the opportunity to explore brand new planets and discover species they have never seen before.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Sequel

Jedi Fallen Order was a mega-hit, so it comes as no surprise that this adored game is getting a sequel. The information about the sequel is scarce, with the release date still a mystery, but as always, there are some rumors.

Cal Kestis is expected to be the lead once again. Furthermore, the plot is suspected to revolve around Darth Vader and the Sith Inquisitors. What’s definitely confirmed is that Stig Asmussen is returning to the director’s chair to orchestrate this sequel.

Untitled Star Wars Game by Amy Hennig and Skydance New Media

The most recent revelation regarding upcoming Star Wars games is a game developed by Amy Hennig. The title is yet to be announced, and there aren’t many details known about this forthcoming release, other than it will be developed by Skydance New Media.

Amy Hennig was already working on a similar Star Wars video game project, but it was ultimately canceled. The title wasn’t revealed, but the game was referred to as Project Ragtag, and was supposed to be developed at the Visceral Games studio.

According to rumors, this is a “resurrection” of that project. The game is supposedly set in the Rebellion era; for those in need of a refresher, this period includes the following movies: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi.

Other Untitled Upcoming Releases

There are three other unnamed Star Wars video games bound to excite the Star Wars following:

  • Star Wars First Person Shooter Game by Respawn
  • Star Wars Strategy Game by Respawn
  • Star Wars Game by Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment

The Star Wars fans are watching every development with rapt attention, and so are we.

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