The Last Of Us 2 Datamine Finds A Boar Hunt and Dance Scene

The Last Of Us Part II is arguably one of the biggest games ever made. This fact accounts for everything from its runtime, ambitious narrative, and storage sizes on consoles. Furthermore, multiple runs at the game may still not be enough to uncover everything the game has to offer. Almost two years later, the fanbase is still uncovering secrets within the sequel.

Content creator Speclizer, with help from Angel-gbc, has datamined two cut scenes from the game, one involving a boar hunt and the second, a playable dance scene. We’ll begin with the boar hunt. It’s a dark moment as Ellie kills a boar on the farm toward the end of the game.

However, considering the bleak, violent nature of the game at large, this scene wouldn’t exactly feel out of place. A five-minute clip compares Ellie in the dance hall as the original model to a model of the character from the boar hunt. The notable difference is Ellie’s hair, tied back in the original sequence but not in the boar hunt. 

The clip includes a portion of an interview between game creator Neil Druckmann and Troy Baker (Joel Miller). Druckmann explains that the boar hunt scene served as an exploration of Ellie’s PTSD. According to Druckmann, the scene was only cut for “pacing and production” at the last second.

Speclizer also reveals a prototype version of Jackson that included a playable dance sequence scrapped from the final cut. If there’s to be a director’s cut for The Last Of Us Part II, then it’s likely we might get to experience the moments left on the cutting room floor.  

In February, Speclizer discovered three multiplayer armour kits for Ellie, designed during the development of Part II’s scrapped multiplayer mode. While the multiplayer has yet to see the light of day, Naughty Dog recently confirmed that they were “working on it”. 

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