After an amazing start to the year with January game releases, February looks to follow suit. From those who wish to manipulate reality and explore a new city to those looking for a small indie game about life and death – we have something for everyone with our most anticipated February releases!

Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart is an upcoming action RPG by Mundfish set to release on February 21. Set in a beautiful but chaotic utopian world, humans live alongside their loyal robots. However, when secret experiments cause the emergence of mutant creatures, terrifying machines and powerful robots, you become the only one that can stop them and restore peace to your world. With abilities granted to you by an experimental power glove as well as an arsenal of weapons, you must fight for your life in a series of explosive encounters.

Available on: PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X/S, and PC

Like a Dragon: Ishin

Arriving on February 21 is Like a Dragon: Ishin! by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio. Become the samurai of legend, Sakamoto Ryoma in this action-adventure game as factions assemble in anticipation of civil war. Ryoma, wrongfully accused of murder, must conceal his identity in order to go forward and find the true killer’s identity. With a new alias, it isn’t long before he becomes entwined in political schemes and violence that could change the land forever. 

Available on: PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X/S, and PC 

Horizon Call of the Mountain

February 22 will see the release of the Horizon spin-off, Call of the Mountain, which was created exclusively for the launch of the PlayStationVR2. Players will be able to see the world of Horizon as they never have before by climbing, fighting and uncovering secrets that plague the land. Along the way, you will meet our much-loved Aloy and other interesting characters. 

Available on: PlayStation 5/PlayStation VR2


Join the journey of a wolf cub and fawn as they become stranded in a snowy wilderness. Blanc will be available on February 14 for those who are looking for an emotional, indie title by Casus Ludi. With breathtaking hand-crafted art, we follow the two animals as they form an unlikely friendship in order to find their families. With a co-op mode allowing you to work together to follow lost tracks and implement each of the animal’s unique skills, this is the perfect game to play with a friend. 

Available on: Nintendo Switch & PC

Sons of the Forest


In a drastic turn from our last recommendation in this list, Sons of the Forest is an upcoming survival horror game by Endnight Games. Releasing on February 23, you are sent to find a billionaire who has gone missing on a remote island. The catch – the island is infested with cannibals. In order to survive, you must craft and build (alone or with friends) to, well, avoid a grim fate. With an open world, deciding what to do next is up to you but be aware of the mutated creatures you must battle by utilising a wide arsenal of weapons.

Available on: PC 

Destiny 2: Lightfall

The next expansion in the Destiny 2 universe is set to release on February 28. Lightfall will see our guardians take on their biggest threat yet but now with extra powers granted to them by the Darkness. Explore the new neon-soaked city of Neomuna, meet new allies known as Cloud striders and fight to keep the Last City safe against the Witness and their fleet. With the Light vs Darkness era of Destiny coming to an end, you can’t miss this epic adventure. 

Available on: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC

Octopath Traveler II

The sequel to the much-loved Octopath Traveler, this instalment takes place in Solistia during a bustling era filled with busy sea routes and the power of steam giving birth to new technologies. Releasing on February 24, begin your adventure as one of eight characters all with their own abilities, motivations and origins. Battle townspeople, obtain items, go alone on your journey or with others and more. With familiar mechanics from Octopath 1, develop your traveler’s skills and abilities as you go, all the while discovering new ones. 

Available on: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 & 5 and PC

Wild Hearts

February 16 will see the arrival of an epic new adventure set in a fantasy world inspired by feudal Japan. Promised to be a “unique twist on the hunting genre”, Wild Hearts will allow players to take on fearsome beasts who are imbued with the power of nature itself. Whether you take these creatures on alone or with friends, you must arm yourself with weapons and ancient technology in order to gain the upper hand. Developed by Omega Force who also created the Dynasty Warriors franchise, Wild Hearts is also set out to be an exciting adventure set across a thrilling landscape.

Available on: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC


Birth is the creation of Madison Karrh, and is an adventure puzzle game which allows you to construct your own creature out of bones and organs, because why not. Explore the city and find pieces for your creature, while solving puzzles and happening across the occasional secret in bakeries and bookstores. And it’s all in the pursuit of finding a way to heal your loneliness. It will be available on February 17. 

Available on: PC


Originally released for PlayStation 5 back in 2021, Returnal will be coming to PC on February 15. This third-person shooter follows the story of Selene who crashlands on a barren landscape. She must search through this ancient civilisation in order to find an escape but as we all know, it’s never that easy. She must also fight for survival. However, when she must restart her journey every time she dies, she soon discovers the planet changes with every cycle. With the ability to adapt your skill set based on each cycle, Selene faces a new challenge with every rebirth. 

Available on: PlayStation 5 & PC

Which game are you most excited to play in February? Let us know in the comments! Also, stay tuned to GameLuster for a monthly version of this post so you never miss out on new releases!

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