Lead a crew of freelance robotic adventurers and navigate corporate intrigue on the fringes of space in a classic sci-fi themed dungeon crawl

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 21, 2014 – Juggernaut Games, an independent games publisher, is happy to announce the company is more than half-way to meeting its Kickstarter Campaign goal to fund the development of its first-person, dungeon-crawling RPG StarCrawlers for PC, Mac and Linux. A twist on the classic dungeon-crawler, StarCrawlers has a sci-fi theme and is set in dynamic and interactive abandoned spaceship environments and futuristic corporate facilities. Players must make tactical decisions to keep their team alive while unraveling corporate conspiracies.

The first game under development by Juggernaut, StarCrawlers has also been selected to advance through Steam Greenlight based on the strong community interest shown in only nine days. Well-known composer Ben Prunty has signed on to provide the atmospheric soundtrack.

“Juggernaut is so thrilled and thankful for the amazing support StarCrawlers is receiving from the Kickstarter community,” said Asa Enochs, Game Designer, Juggernaut Games. “We are eager to meet our funding goal and encourage everyone to check out our game on Kickstarter. We have been blown-away by the enthusiasm of our community, and we can’t wait to implement their ideas into the game to make it even better.”

In StarCrawlers, players run a crew of talented “fixers” such as hackers, cyber ninjas, soldiers, and more, taking shady jobs on the fringes of space.  Whatever their particular skillset – hacking, smuggling or advanced ass-kicking – StarCrawler s are individuals who specialize in taking jobs others won’t.

Juggernaut has designed an interactive and dynamic environment that changes based on how players explore, fight foes, and resolve encounters. Teams venture into procedurally-generated sci-fi worlds full of lethal enemies, unexpected events, and deadly traps. As play progresses through the technologic dungeons, players face tougher and tougher enemies and are tested against elite bosses, requiring strategic decisions about team building, combat specialization and gear.

·         An atmospheric soundtrack by composer Ben Prunty
·         Classic first person dungeon crawling exploration
·         Procedurally-generated environments with random encounters, traps and enemies
·         Deep character customization with abilities that can be modeled and changed
·         Randomly generated and upgradeable loot
·         PC, Mac, and Linux support
To learn more about StarCrawlers, please visit www.starcrawlers.com or StarCrawlers on Kickstarter. The Kickstarter campaign ends March 13, 2014. For images, please see: http://www.juggernaut-games.com/press/#images

About Juggernaut Games:
Juggernaut Games is an independent game studio founded in 2011 in San Diego, Calif. Our talented team of artists, programmers, and animators has a combined 20+ years experience working in the game industry. Company Website: http://www.juggernaut-games.com


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