The Evil Within will scare you in August.

Prepare to get your pants scared off as the master of horror Shinji Mikami new game “The Evil Within” has finally gotten an release date. The long-awaited return to horror roots game is set to release in August 26 for North America and August 29th for those Europeans. The game will come out for the Xbox One,Xbox 360,Ps4,Ps3,and PC. Unfortunately,the game won’t be receiving the WiiU treatment,or should it be the other way around?

If you don’t know or understand what “The Evil Within” is,it is develop by the mind who created the original Resident Evil games,Shinji Mikami. Who has done some very bold moves in the video games industry such scrapping Resident Evil 2 when it was 80% done and starting from scratch Or pushing real hard for Resident Evil 4 only to release for the GameCube to the point of even threatening to cutting off his hand if the game was muti-platform. (don’t worry,he didn’t actually do it) “The Evil Within” promises to return to old video game horror roots, and says it will be the predecessor that Resident Evil 4 deserved.


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