Valhalla’s Orlog Dice Game to Receive Physical Version

Why conquer a continent when you can roll some dice instead? One of the many pastimes Viking protagonist Eivor can engage in while exploring the sprawling open world of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla is Orlog, a game which many NPCs throughout England enjoy playing.

Orlog involves rolling dice in order to lower your opponent’s health pool, which is represented via a pile of smooth stones. The different faces of the dice represent different attacks and defensive moves which players can perform. The first person whose pool reaches zero loses the game, with their opponent being declared the winner.

Sounds simple, right? Well – it is and isn’t. Orlog also allows players to collect tokens which can be exchanged for “God Favors,” special abilities which affect the playing field in a number of ways. These God Favors are inspired by the Norse Gods themselves, with Thor providing a powerful melee attack, Hel draining health from your opponent and awarding it to you, and many more.

Valhalla publisher Ubisoft is reportedly working with collectibles producer PureArts to produce a physical version of Orlog. The game is currently planned to release sometime in 2021. No further information has been revealed at this time.

Orlog itself is not based on any particular historical game, but was inspired by the use of carved dice and tokens for gaming by historical residents of England and Scandinavia. The dice were made into regular cubes, rather than more awkward hand-carved designs, in order to work best with the in-game physics engine.

Orlog is one of the many elements of Valhalla which has received praise from fans and critics, including favorable comparisons to Witcher 3’s collectible card game Gwent. Fans are hoping for a separate digital release of Orlog in the future. Hopefully, the physical version will be able to tide them over until such a game is announced.

Are you a fan of Orlog? What is your favorite God’s Favor? Let us know!

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