Verified Info and Rumors About Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

What Do We Know About Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

If you want to play a Spider-Man game, you have many options: this iconic superhero has been adapted for PCs and consoles many times before. If you can’t decide which one to start with, you don’t need to search for a video game version of a site like the best roulette sites rating: you can start directly with Marvel’s Spider-Man, which was released in 2018. Developed by Insomniac Games, this game won many awards, including “Game of the Year”. But if you want, you can also wait for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which will be released next year. Below, we explain everything we know about this sequel, which console players are looking forward to.

What We Know for Sure

Let’s start with the confirmed information that we know for sure. Unfortunately, quite a few things have been confirmed at this stage, and almost all of it is based on a 1-minute 37-second video shown during PlayStation Showcase 2021.

  • In the video, we see Miles Morales and Peter Parker fighting together.
  • The voice heard in the video belongs to Kraven the Hunter.
  • When the video ends, we see Venom’s face.

When you see two Spider-Man together, the first thing that comes to your mind is co-op gameplay, but this feature will not be in the game. Ryan Schneider of Insomniac Games has confirmed that this will be a “single-player game only”. We can still make some assumptions using the video, but these will all be speculations: we cover them below. For now, let’s continue with other confirmed information about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2:

  • The game is being developed for PlayStation 5 only. There won’t be a PlayStation 4 version.
  • The game will be released in 2023. An exact date is not known, but we can say that the summer period of 2023 will be a good guess.
  • The visual designer of the game is Davison Carvalho. This is an important name because he is the person who did the visual design of Captain America: Civil War, Doctor Strange, Thor: Ragnarok, and Captain Marvel movies.

Unconfirmed Information & Speculations

The information in this section is purely speculation and guesswork: none of them is verified and all of them are based on rumours. So, you should take them with a pinch of salt: they can be real or fake.

  • A Twitter account named “Elijah Boxhill” claims that every suite in the game will have a symbiote variant. A screenshot shared from this account shows that Carnage is also in the game as an enemy. That’s actually pretty probable: since we know that Venom is in the game, there is no reason why Carnage should not be included in it too, which makes the concept of the symbiote extremely possible.
  • In a Reddit thread, a user claiming to work at Insomniac Games explains why there are two Spider-Man (Peter Parker & Miles Morales) in the game. According to the user, every main mission in the game will be completed with one of these characters. So, for example, we will complete the first mission with Miles Morales and the second with Peter Parker. These characters can be freely switched between while navigating the open world (and completing side quests). However, each character will receive different side quests.
  • Again, there are many posts on Reddit claiming that the PC version of the game will be released at the same time as the PS5 version. Normally, this is not a claim that can be taken very seriously but considering what Sony has done for the PC platform in the last few years, we can’t be sure. Microsoft’s latest moves may also have forced Sony to take a radical decision.

As we said, we don’t know how true all these speculations are: some of them seem quite likely to us, but things can change at any moment. In any case, we are confident that all our questions will be answered within a year at the most.

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