Everything Announced at the Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase

While Nintendo was noticeably absent from the festivities of this year’s Summer Game Fest, they have still had plenty of announcements to share! A previous Nintendo Direct focused entirely on upcoming major release Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Meanwhile, the June 28 Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase highlighted non-Nintendo titles both classic and new making their way to the Nintendo Switch in 2022 and 2023.

The approximately 25-minute Mini Direct video was packed chock full of announcements, with publishers including Capcom, Square Enix, ATLUS, and more bringing some familiar faces and exciting new adventures to the popular hybrid console. With that, here’s everything announced during the Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase on June 28.

Previously released title Monster Hunter Rise is getting a massive expansion entitled Sunbreak, releasing June 30. The DLC will include new monsters to hunt, new locations to explore, new weapons to wield, and quality of life gameplay and combat updates. A roadmap was also announced for upcoming free Title Updates, which will occur throughout 2022 and beyond for players who have purchased the expansion. The first Update, which will launch in August 2022, will add a new location called the Forlorn Arena, and new monsters including the Seething Bazelgeuse and the Lucent Nargacuga.

Popular Square Enix action role-playing series NieR makes its way onto the Switch with NieR Automata: The End of YoRHa Edition, coming October 6th, 2022. Players can join androids 2B and 9S as they explore a post-apocalyptic world and fight against their Machine foes. The End of YoRHa Edition includes bonus content, including that which released after the launch of the original game. Pre-orders are available now via the Nintendo Switch eShop.

From Annapurna Interactive comes a new mystery/puzzle game inspired by the classic point and click adventure genre. Little was revealed about the story of Lorelei and the Laser Eyes in this brief first look, but aspiring detectives and puzzle fans alike should keep a (laser) eye on this game releasing in 2023.


A segment highlighting “Classic Characters” kicks off with Super Bomberman R2, the latest entry in Konami’s iconic Bomberman series. This new Bomberman title will add Castle Mode, a multiplayer mode where some players defend and fortify their castle while others try to break through. Players will also be able to create and share their own levels. Super Bomberman R2 is slated for a 2023 release.


Not one, not two, but TEN Mega Man Battle Network games are coming to the Switch in 2023 in the form of the Legacy Collection. This celebration of all things Mega Man will include a gallery and soundtrack mode, featuring art and music from various titles in the series. A digital purchase option will also be available, although it will be split into Volume 1 and Volume 2, each featuring five titles.


One of gaming’s most beloved figures is receiving a makeover in PAC-MAN WORLD Re-PAC, coming to the Nintendo Switch on August 26, 2022. PAC-MAN will have to use his classic abilities – especially his signature endless appetite – to rescue his kidnapped family members from the sinister Ghost Island.


Gamers looking to team up with a friend, family member, or loved one can do so in Blanc, an adorable title coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch in February 2023. Players will take on the role of a wolf and a fawn who must undertake a perilous journey together. The duo must use their unique abilities to survive and build an unforgettable bond, while exploring a black-and-white, fully textless world with a handcrafted feel. Both local and online co-op modes will be available.

Another classic figure makes quite the unexpected return: Lucasfilm Games and Devolver Digital have teamed up for Return to Monkey Island. This swashbuckling adventure will star the mighty pirate Guybrush Threepwood and will continue the story begun in the very first games in the series, The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge. This game is slated to have a console-first release in 2022, although a specific release date has not yet been announced.

Next, fans get a sneak peek at the gameplay of Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, the second crossover between the iconic Super Mario and Rabbids franchises. Mario, Rabbid Luigi, and Rabbid Rosalina get to show off some of their in-battle moves and weapons. Plus, Bowser is revealed – to be helping out Mario and friends this time? How unexpected! Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope will release on October 20, 2022. Pre-orders are currently available, and more information will be revealed during tomorrow’s Ubisoft showcase at 9am PT / 12pm ET.

Switch gamers who are looking for something brand new to pick up right now can try out Little Noah: Scions of Paradise, a title from Cygames that will be released via the Nintendo Switch eShop later today. Players will take on the role of Noah the alchemist as she explores procedurally generated dungeons, recruits helpful allies called Lilliput, and works to repair her damaged airship. Little Noah: Scions of Paradise is also available for PC and PlayStation 4.


Train fanatics can save a failing industrial town by creating and managing railways, train cars, and cargo shipments in RAILGRADE, a new building and management sim coming from Epic Games. The title is currently scheduled to release in Fall 2022 for the Nintendo Switch.

RPG Time: The Legend of Wright provides a unique, nostalgic look at a beloved genre. Players guide game master Kenta as he plans and designs a game using his notebook. Experience a stunning hand-drawn art style with over 200 pages of challenges, battles, puzzles, and more. RPG Time previously released earlier in 2022, and will make its way to the Nintendo Switch on August 18, 2022. Pre-orders are available starting today.
Next, viewers get another sneak peek at Sonic Frontiers, the upcoming title starring the iconic Blue Blur. Sonic Frontiers will combine non-linear gameplay with classic Sonic action platforming to create a unique experience for newcomers and fans alike. Unfortunately, this latest look at the open world game from SEGA did not come with a full release date; Sonic Frontiers is still scheduled to release during “Holiday 2022.”

Disney lovers can move in and befriend all their favorite Disney and Pixar characters with Disney Dreamlight Valley, available in Early Access on the Nintendo Switch starting on September 6, 2022. This once peaceful haven of friendship and joy has been corrupted by “The Forgetting” – can you save the magic? Along the way, get to know Mickey, Elsa, WALL-E, and many more, with a variety of relationship building activities such as fishing, cooking, and giving gifts to your new friends.

A remake of the iconic generations-panning, multi-path adventure Live a Live is making its way to the Nintendo Switch on July 22, 2022. However, players who want to get an early look at this beloved title from Square Enix can download a free demo starting today. The demo contains the early parts of the Imperial China, Twilight of Edo Japan, and Distant Future chapters. Progress in the demo can be carried over to the full game.

Gamers looking for something relaxing and adorable can join Nobita, Doraemon and the gang in the farming life simulator Doraemon Story of Seasons: Friends of the Great Kingdom, coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year. A co-op mode will be available so that players can farm, dine, explore and more together with their friends.

Next is a new story set in a familiar world. Minecraft Legends, a tale of heroic adventures and epic quests from Mojang Studios, comes to the Nintendo Switch in 2023. Slay monsters, explore the world, and seek treasure in this new adventure featuring the classic blocky art style that has made Minecraft so beloved. Just watch out for those Piglins!

Square Enix’s Dragon Quest franchise spins off into something new with Dragon Quest Treasures, coming December 9, 2022. Join siblings Erik and Mia as they team up with Slimes, Drakkys, and other iconic Dragon Quest monsters to find valuable items, fight fearsome bosses, and explore a mystical new land. Each treasure you bring back earns you more gold to upgrade your base, so get exploring!

Near the end of the Mini Direct, of course, it’s time for a montage! Fans are reminded that musou-style spinoff Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is currently available for purchase. A free demo featuring the first four chapters of all three routes is also available. Procedurally generated outer space adventure No Man’s Sky soars onto the Nintendo Switch on October 7, while a cloud version of A Plague Tale: Requiem arrives on October 18. Players can team up with Shonen Jump heroes, villains, and more in Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions, coming to the Nintendo Switch on July 28.

The broadcast is then interrupted by none other than the ever-snarky AI GLaDOS, informing viewers that they have been selected as Aperture Science test subjects – and participation is not optional! The Portal Companion Collection, which contains both the original Portal and Portal 2, can be purchased via the Nintendo Switch eShop starting today. (If you complete all the tests you’re assigned, there might even be cake….just maybe!)

Square Enix next announce a new title, Harvestella, combining farming and life simulation with RPG elements. Harvestella is set in a world where the cycle of the seasons is being interrupted by the menacing Season of Death, where crops fail and monsters roam the world. Players can grow their farm, raise a variety of crops, cook and sell items, meet and befriend villagers, and figure out how to stop the Season of Death when Harvestella arrives on the Nintendo Switch on November 4, 2022.

Just when it seems like the Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Special is over….there’s one more thing! Iconic ATLUS mascots Morgana and Teddie surprise the crowd to reveal that not one, not two, but THREE titles in the beloved RPG franchise Persona will be making their way onto the Nintendo Switch. Persona 5 Royal will be coming on October 21, 2022, while Persona 4 Golden and Persona 3 Portable will be arriving at a later date. This announcement follows news from earlier this summer that these three Persona titles will also be making their way to PC and Xbox consoles.

Overall, the Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Special was filled to the brim with exciting announcements about upcoming titles for the Nintendo Switch. Which announcement were you the most excited about? Which games from this Direct did you add to your wish list for 2022 and 2023? Comment below and let us know! For more on all things Nintendo, stay tuned right here at GameLuster.

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