Vivendi could be considering selling Activsion-Blizzard

According to Bloomberg,  Senior Executives of Activision Blizzard, Vivendi, are planning to meet later this month to determine whether they want to sell their majority stake in the game developer.

It seem that  “people with knowledge of the matter,” who want to remain annonymous, is that Vivendi has schedule executive meeting on June 22, with  a a great possibility of an Activision Blizzard sale being the main point of the meeting. The telecom company has been meetings with investors to discuss a variety if thier should be reorganizations within, including a possibility ofspinning off the cable television division Canal Plus.

In late 2007, Vivendi  announced that for an $18.9 billion merger between its own games group, Blizzard and its World of Warcraft business, and Activision, which at the time was riding high on the success of Guitar Hero and Call of Duty, will take place.

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