Voice Chat could be in Mario Kart 8

Voice chat makes games even more interesting in online play, it allows player to communicate and often plan their approach in how they going to do something particularly when working as a team. This is often how we play in Call of Duty, as we face our opponents and can communicate with our team to plot our moves. I am not sure how having voice chat could carry over to a racing game or many other genres but apparently there are ways.

Last week there was news saying that Mario Kart 8 would not feature voice chat in any way, shape or form. This was said by Nintendo in regards to the game so players would have no ability to communicate with one another while they raced. However a new listing on the Wii U eShop could suggest that voice chat is going to be in the game.

Nothing has been officially confirmed but here is a video of what it says on the eShop.

If this is true then hopefully this will be great for the game and it could potentially add some spirited competition to the races and some congratulations.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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