Watch Hikaru Utada Perform Two Kingdom Hearts Tracks on PS VR

You can now watch Hikaru Utada perform two of Kingdom Hearts’ main tracks in virtual reality.

PlayStation VR owners can now watch Utada perform two songs that have been featured in the Kingdom Hearts series. This stage production was from the singer’s 2018 “Laughter in the Dark” tour. The two songs that Utada performs are “Hikari” (the Japanese version of “Simple and Clean”) and “Chikai” (the Japanese version of “Don’t Think Twice”). The feature was recorded from three different angles. According to the PlayStation Store, this is an “intimate performance, as if Hikaru Utada were singing only for you.” You can watch a trailer for the performance below.

Utada’s VR performance is free for PS VR owners. It will be available until December 24th of this year.

Square Enix recently announced the schedule for Kingdom Hearts III’s launch updates. The first update will be released on Jan. 29, the same day that the game will be released. This update will include version 1.01 of the title, along with the Memory Archive. The Archive will be added to the game’s menu, allowing players to watch a synopsis of the series’ story up to this point.

The second update will be released on Jan. 30. The update will add the title’s epilogue. Players will need to complete the game and see the main ending in order to view the epilogue. The third and final update will release on Jan. 31. This update will add the “secret movie.” To view this, players will have to beat the game, and fulfill certain criteria based on the difficulty that the game was played on.

Kingdom Hearts III will finally release worldwide on Jan. 29, with Japan getting access to it four days early. The game will release for the PS4 and Xbox One.

What do you think of these two tracks from Kingdom Hearts? Are you going to check out Utada’s performance in VR? Let us know in the comments below. 

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