Kingdom Hearts III Launch Update Schedule Revealed

Square Enix has released the schedule for Kingdom Hearts III’s launch updates.

The first update for Kingdom Hearts III will go live on January 29th, the same day that the title releases. This update will include Version 1.01 of the game, as well as the Memory Archive. This archive will be added to the game’s title menu, and will be available to view at any point. The Memory Archive will let players watch a synopsis of Kingdom Hearts’ story up to this point.

The second update will be on January 30th. This update will add the game’s epilogue. Players will have to complete the game and seen the main ending to view the epilogue.

The third and final update will be on January 31st. This update will feature the “secret movie.” In order to view this video, players will have to beat the game, and then meet certain criteria, based upon difficulty level. Square Enix has not indicated what this criteria is at the moment.

This schedule comes after Kingdom Hearts III leaked last month. In a statement soon after the leak was found, game Director Tetsuya Nomura urged fans to be vigilant of spoilers. It was then that Nomura announced that the game’s epilogue would be released after launch.

Last month Square Enix dropped a trailer for Kingdom Hearts III simply titled “Final Battle.” This trailer shows what is at stake, as we see worlds being destroyed in the trailer. We are given a glimpse of all the characters that will be in the upcoming RPG, including characters such as Roxas. We also see that Sora will not be the only playable character. During the trailer, it was briefly shown that Riku will be playable at  some point.

Kingdom Hearts III will make its way to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 29th.

Are you excited for Kingdom Hearts III? Are you glad the game is finally being released? Let us know in the comments below. 

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