We need to stop complaining about Metroid Prime Federation Force it is actually the game we want

During Nintendo’s Digital Event last year Nintendo announced many games, unlike the previous year which went over well, 2015’s Digital Event failed to capture people’s interests. Nintendo certainly did the unexpected last year but the reception of these games did not quite pan out as well as it should have, Nintendo announced many new games that honestly disappointed fans with the likes of Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, Animal Crossing amiibo Festival, and the one that affected people the worst Metroid Prime Federation Force. Sure for the former two we know they did not pan out to well, but what about Federation Force? Why are we condemning it before we even get the chance to know it?

The big answer that many an eager Metroid fan would answer is, “we know we want a new Metroid but this is not what we want, this atrocity is not Metroid”, or at least something along those lines. Interestingly when Metroid Prime Federation Force was first revealed on a technical level we knew it as Blast Ball and this was only a handful of days earlier. We praised Blast Ball, we said things along the line of “honestly it’s nothing special, but Nintendo is striving out and trying new ideas, even continuing to offer new options in the competitive space following Splatoon”. That is the big thing, when we thought it was something new we praised it, but as soon as it was revealed that the game was in fact a new take on the Metroid Prime franchise featuring a more cooperative focus, we called for its head.

It is unbelievable the sheer lengths some fans (and I using the term weakly) went to spite this game, in merely seeing a trailer and a reveal the game was condemned, there was no it could be fun, or maybe it will be better when it is released, no the witch hunt was on for this game that “was not Metroid”. Some people even went so far as to start a petition (though it would ultimately do nothing) calling for Nintendo to outright cancel the project because the game was not what we wanted. In one sense I have to say be glad it is a new Metroid something fans had been wanting, in another all I can say is this is exactly what fans have been asking for.

Before this witch hunt can continue the gaming public needs to look at the truth about Nintendo and what they want, while ultimately we are happy to play what is essentially the same Mario game over and over again we still call for more and we got Super Mario Maker. Everyone calls out Nintendo for making the same games in repeat, they constantly tell Nintendo to make something new or try something different, and when they do the reverse is claimed.
Look at 2015 as great examples for Nintendo making better movements in the future, Super Mario Maker completely changed the way we see and play Mario, Nintendo put the power of creation in our hands and what did they do with it, we received something truly original, just from something different from the normal. Then we can look at Splatoon, Nintendo opened the doors to an entirely new idea, and something that was completely different, they brought us complete originality and a brand new take on the third person shooter genre, as well as Nintendo’s first truly decent online experience.

You know what when this happened we praised Nintendo for trying something new, for doing something different, for escaping the normality of their usual schedule, Nintendo did what we wanted they looked outside the bubble and tried something different. In fact over the last couple of years we can honestly say Nintendo is trying to offer new experiences and look outside the company’s strong spots, even if the game was a colossal disaster Nintendo still tried something different with Animal Crossing amiibo Festival. They did what the fans asked they experimented, and they looked to offering a new take and trying something somewhat unique.

This of course leads me back to Metroid Prime Federation Force, why are we complaining about the game? Is it because it is not that next big console Metroid game that fans wanted and instead a third person shooter for the 3DS, or is it because this is not what the general vision of the Metroid franchise is, either way are stupid thoughts. Constantly everyone calls for Nintendo to go ahead and do something different and when they do people can’t help but argue about it.

For all we know Metroid Prime Federation Force could be something truly special, and we just look at Nintendo and their subsidiaries histories, Metroid originally started as a 2D sidescroller platformer which people loved to this day Super Metroid is still considered one of the best games made. But then people got nervous when Nintendo proudly announced a change, Metroid was going first person shooter, as usual people complained but then they played it and again Metroid Prime is another one of history’s greatest games. It can be argued that the reason this worked was partially because of the familiar power armour of Samus Aran, but also because the game transitioned well keeping the series signature problem fuelled gameplay, and atmospheric locations, again fine.

Sure I doubt Federation Force will capture any of the spirit of the Metroid games to date, I don’t expect the problem fueled gameplay and atmospheric locations that fans loved, but this game is not trying to be like the past, it wants to be unique. Unless you are playing Nintendo Land I don’t know anyone who would link the Metroid franchise to competitive or co-operative third person shooter, but you know what this is what makes it exciting, this is Nintendo listening to the fans and doing what they ask.

I don’t think Metroid Prime Federation Force is ever going to be that Metroid game that fans want right now, but it is the Metroid game that fans unwittingly need. In the call for something unique and a change from the standard ways that Nintendo operate, they are delivering what fans have asked for, they are following the common cries for the company to do something different and offer a change and see the game in a new light.

Honestly we can’t complain about Metroid Prime Federation Force, it is the combination of Nintendo trying to do something different and following the cries of fans. It may not be what we wanted but that shouldn’t hold it back, we need to just stop complaining about Federation Force and look forward with optimism and see if the game was really worth being upset about. Unfortunately Nintendo just can’t win, people cry for the company to try something different, then simply complain the second they do it, with the exception of one or two games. Just remember you all were right into the game when you thought it was a new idea with Blast Ball, so Metroid Prime Federation Force should honestly be nothing different, it is exactly the game we need.

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