What I want to see from Nintendo at E3 this year

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  1. Dr.Ghettoblaster says:

    Good article, agree with most.

    My top 5 Nintendo 2015 E3 wishlist:

    5). Mario Galaxy 3, Mario Sunshine HD, or SM3DW2
    4). Starfox gameplay trailer & confirmed 2015 release date
    3). New Zelda WiiU trailer (SHOW US A DUNGEON!!!!)
    2). New F-Zero WiiU or F-Zero HD collection (SNES, N64, GC 3 games on 1 disc)
    1). Metroid WiiU reveal trailer!!!!!!!

    1. Simon Smith says:

      Thankyou for your kind words, I like your idea’s, it is very likely a new Mario game could be announced at E3, though unless it Super Mario Sunshine HD it won’t arrive this year which I personally don’t mind.
      Yes we definitely need a release date for 2015 for Star Fox that is a necessity hopefully it will take some nods from Star Fox Assault which had some awesome space battles from a video I was watching the other day.
      F-Zero and Metroid need to happen and at least for the latter I see it happening with a possible announcement.
      Finally Aonuma may have said there was going to no Zelda at E3, but hopefully this was just a fake out or just saying no actual playable game at the event. Hopefully we do get a new trailer, perhaps show us Zelda’s new look, Death Mountain, Hyrule Castle or yes even a dungeon. Not long to wait lets just hope Nintendo brings us some Zelda.