Only one day to go and a new Need for Speed game will be announced, as was revealed earlier this week with the new generation of Need for Speed games set to be announced on May 21st. When EA released their first teaser image it didn’t say much, however EA today released another teaser image for the game this time showing off a green car with tires that say the word “Speedhunters”. There is also a caption for the picture that says “Are you ready for the next chapter?”

Here is the new teaser image:

Need for Speed teaser

Based on this image many fans are actually speculating that this is teasing Need for Speed Underground 3, while this isn’t out of the question yet there are a number of other things that need to be considered.

Firstly Speedhunters, it has come to my attention that Speedhunters is a community of car enthusiasts owned by EA, so it could have a connection to that somehow.

That would certainly tie in with a statement made last year by Ghost Games studio head Marcus Nillson who said that EA is committing to a “dramatically different” approach to the Need for Speed series. Part of that means engaging in “more open conversations” with fans.

It is likely the Speedhunters comment on the tires is just advertising and nothing to consider.

With all things considered it is hard to say exactly what EA has in stores for us tomorrow but what we do know is that image is certainly stunning and if the game looks the same we are in for a jaw dropper. We will just have to wait and see what is revealed but whatever is we are going to go fast

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