What Makes Fortnite Great? [Sponsored Post]

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The question of which game is the best in the Battle Royale genre is a matter of debate for many gamers, especially for those who shoot let’s plays or stream. And they can be understood, because in order to succeed on video hosting, they need to perform a lot of actions: determine the best game for the duration of the show, regularly publish game novelties, buy YouTube subscribers for faster promotion and ranking, constantly monitor trends and much more. Therefore, this issue is so acute, because the basis of any YouTube or Twitch channel is a properly selected game that will collect a good online.

Before the creation of Fortnite, there were many progenitors of this genre, but it was this game that gained unprecedented popularity and generated a lot of controversy. It is indicative in its genre and has won the hearts of many players around the world. But what are the features of this? In this article, we will analyze several criteria to understand what makes the game so popular and great.

Gameplay and mechanics are of interest to players first of all. Fortnite has an emphasis on fun, various effects and entertainment. It has several game modes. You can play with construction, chop down trees and houses to collect materials and defend against enemies with your own buildings. But you also have the opportunity to play without construction, train your skill and develop aim to surprise opponents with excellent headshots.

By the way, most of the streamers who are now at the peak of popularity say that the mode without construction has brought them good coverage and a lot of views. Therefore, if you have been thinking about holding live broadcasts or recording let’s plays for a long time, we advise you to opt for Fortnite. In order to collect good online and start making money on it, you need to buy YouTube subscribers cheap, arrange a channel, come up with a “highlight” and regularly conduct broadcasts. Think about it!

The peculiarity of the mode without construction is that you lose the chance to just hide and build. Do you want to win? Then you will have to show what you are capable of. Choose a good weapon, pick up as many healing items as possible and do not forget to take a boogie bombs and a rift-to-go in your inventory to deceive opponents.

Graphics and design are one of the main criteria by which a conclusion is made regarding the gameplay. It is obvious that everyone’s perception of Fortnite is different, so it is important to understand that this point is subjective.The game is unlike any other in this genre. It is distinguished by a cartoon design and  lack of realism. This means that you will not see blood and bullet wounds, and when the enemy is eliminated, you will receive his loot as a reward. This makes it possible to set a low age limit so that the game is available to players of all ages.

Maps. The mobile version of Fortnite uses the same map as on PC and other consoles, which changes over several months. Changes are made in each new season, some locations are removed, but new ones appear instead. The theme of season 21 is relaxation and chill, and in order to diversify the process, the developers delight with new locations much more often than in chapter 2 of season 3.

Bots. Non-Player Characters in Fortnite are created for a reason. Interaction with bots you will need to complete various tasks to earn experience points. But this is not the most important thing, the developers admit that initially non-player characters appeared in the game in order for players to have the opportunity to practice shooting with NPCs, since they do not fight as hard as real players.

So, why is Fortnight one of the best games of this year and in the genre of Battle Royale in general? A lot of opportunities for the game, creative modes for relaxing with friends, thousands of skins to choose from in the in-game store, cool design and high-quality graphics make it great. If you like games with simple mechanics and user-friendly controls, we advise you to evaluate the Epic Games project yourself. We wish you a good game!

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