Why Are Games Marketed toward Boys?

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  1. J.j. Barrington says:

    Um, because they play more games?

    1. LMAO says:

      Maybe males play more games because it is marketed towards them in the first place?

      1. J.j. Barrington says:

        And maybe they’re marketed towards males because they appeal to males more?

  2. ShowanW says:

    the writer of this post must have youth on their side…

    I was born when video games were still rather infant as well. And although video games were NOT geared towards a specific gender, the ratio of boys flocking to videogames over girls had to be 20 to 1 if not more.

    it sucked the male demographic right on in. back in the 70’s, 80’s most girls still flocked to dolls, roller skates, and jump rope and other social gatherings with friends.

    I don’t know much analytics gaming companies were doing back then, but someone must have been keeping track of how many males vs females play videogames..

    and for a long time (70’s and 80’s and early 90’s) that gulf between males vs females playing video games was as wide as the Earth to the moon (exaggeration mines)

  3. Denworth Gore says:

    So games are marketed towards males. Is it stopping female from playing them. Gamergate had nothing to do with harassing women. FBI investigation has already proved that. Gamergate was about fighting the unethical journalism.I dont know what group of teenage boy you ask but they do not represent the gaming community. The gaming community is the most open and inclusive community. Everybody regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual preference, whether you identify as male, female, nonbinary or attack helicopter you are welcomed.

  4. Hvd says:

    because of daddys credit card plain and simple.