Gaming is nothing new, of course. The industry is several decades old at this point, and in truth, there’s never really been a bad period for gaming — it’s been on the rise since the first gaming systems came out. But arguably, there’s no period for gaming that has been better than right now. Why? Because while the present is extremely good for gaming, the future is even brighter. In this article, we’ll run through just some of the reasons why gaming is set up for an awesome next couple of decades.

There’s Investment

There’s no avoiding the fact that if an industry is to progress, there has to be an investment. Well, that’s just what the gaming industry has. It’s often forgotten that the value of the gaming industry is bigger than the movie and music industries combined. That’s another way of saying that there’s a lot of money in the gaming world. And with that, gaming titles become more complex; systems get better, the infrastructure that gaming depends on becomes more watertight, and so on. In the coming years, we’ll see the investments that are currently being made begin to pay off.

Smartphone Use

The number of people playing games has grown significantly in recent years, thanks to one invention — the smartphone. Not everyone is interested enough in gaming to invest in a console, but most people have smartphones, and they’re increasingly using them to initiate interest in playing games. It’s not just the number of smartphone owners that has had an impact, but also the quality and range of games available. Today, mobile users can play games usually only available on consoles, such as FIFA or GTA, or they can visit an online casino or arcade and play games that were historically played in-person.

More Credibility

It wasn’t all that long ago that video games were viewed as a form of “low entertainment.” It was considered something of a youthful pastime. And it was hard not to disagree with that assessment since many of the games that came out did have an immature element. But that’s no longer the case. There are some video game titles that can be considered to be artistic masterpieces as much as they are games. It takes time for that legitimacy to seep into the public’s consciousness, but that’s the case now. People laughed at the first movies, but over time, they became a credible artistic outlet. And that’s just what’s happening with the gaming industry.

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VR and the Metaverse

The next generation of gaming isn’t all that far away. In fact, it’s already here in the shape of VR. That sector of the gaming industry is still in its infancy, but the market is growing with each passing year — and it’s expected to grow significantly in the coming years as VR headsets become cheaper and the quality of the games improve. There’s also the matter of the metaverse. That’s still in the development stage, so it’s hard to say exactly what it’ll look like, but there’s little doubt that it presents a whole world of possibilities for the gaming industry. This is more of a 10 – 20 year project, but the wise bet would say that when it takes off, it’ll take off in a huge way.


The gaming industry is quietly taking over the world — people are spending more time gaming than ever before — and that’s something that’ll continue to develop in the coming years. If you were thinking of getting into the gaming industry, then the prospects for the industry should be enough to convince you that it’s something that you certainly won’t regret.

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