Bear and Breakfast Switch Release Date Revealed

Adorable hotel management simulation Bear and Breakfast debuted for PC via Steam and GOG earlier this year, and quickly received positive reviews praising its cute aesthetic and relaxing gameplay. Developer Gummy Cat was unfortunately forced to delay the game’s planned Nintendo Switch release due to some difficulty making gameplay work via controller. (Currently, the game is limited to keyboard-only play on PC, with controller compatibility to be added later.) However, following a short delay, Bear and Breakfast has officially been confirmed to be making its way to the Switch later this year.

As confirmed by the official Bear and Breakfast Twitter account, the game, which stars a bear named Hank attempting to run his own bed-and-breakfast deep in the woods, will release on the Nintendo Switch on September 15, 2022. It will be purchasable via the Nintendo Switch eShop, although pre-orders and pre-downloads are currently not available. A release date for controller support on PC has not yet been confirmed, but is expected to come “a couple days later” than the Switch release according to a statement from Gummy Cat.

In addition, Valve has confirmed that Bear and Breakfast will be playable via their Steam Deck console. Controller support and Steam Deck viability will be added through an upcoming patch to the PC version of the game. To celebrate this exciting news, new emotes, trading cards, backgrounds, and stickers featuring the characters of Bear and Breakfast have been added to Steam’s Points Shop.

The upcoming Switch version and controller compatibility update are not the only exciting plans in the future for Bear and Breakfast. Gummy Cat has announced that they plan to add a creative sandbox mode as well as an update that allows players to recycle or sell building materials that they do not plan to use. Fans have requested that the game add mod support in the future, and Gummy Cat may also be working on an update to allow this. It is currently unknown whether Bear and Breakfast will receive any content updates in the future, but it is not out of the question, given the game’s quickly-growing popularity and large pool of extremely creative and dedicated fans.

Have you been enjoying Bear and Breakfast? Have you played it on Steam, or are you waiting for the Nintendo Switch release to give this adorable hotel management simulator a try? What projects do you have planned for the upcoming creative mode? Comment below and let us know!

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