Wii U Event this September 13

Nintendo is having a Wii U Event this September 13 from 10am to 4pm, yep that’s 6 hours of Wii U goodness. Reggie, President of NOA, will be doing a press conference, it should just pertain to mostly or only to North America.  They should be unveiling release date, price, color(s), launch games and who knows maybe a few surprises.After the conference they’ll most likely be some hands on the launch games and maybe a few afterwards.

No word yet on anything pertaining to Europe or Japan of something similar


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11 years ago

will this be available via streaming?

11 years ago
Reply to  JonathanLlanes

JonathanLlanes I don’t think Nintendo has confirmed anything, I even heard rumor of Nintendo and Gamestop doing Broadcast together? I would be surprised if Nintendo doesn’t broadcast since they have been doing for past events, and it is quite important since its the Wii U. I do expect Live Blog rolls from attendees so that’s something sorta