How to Get Ore in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts is an action-adventure role-playing game that provides players with a unique challenge: tracking down and defeating giant kemono monsters. To do this, players need access to top-level weapons and armor in order to triumph over these powerful creatures. Players can use the items they obtain from exploring Azuma or defeating kemono monsters to upgrade their weapons and armor. The land of Azuma offers  many secrets to uncover and treasures to find, and one such item is the valuable crafting resource Ore. In this guide, we will share details on how to find Ore in Wild Hearts.

How to Get Ore in Wild Hearts

Ore is a valuable crafting material in the game Wild Hearts. It is used for crafting and upgrading a variety of items, such as weapons and armor. Here are some of the ways you can get Ore in Wild Hearts:

Find Mining Nodes


You can find Ore across Azuma, but Harugasumi Way and Natsukodachi Isle are the prime locations for acquiring it. These two beginning areas provide the best source of Ore for adventurers.

In order to acquire this item, you won’t need any specific skills or to fulfill any special conditions. It is easily accessible as these areas are unlocked early in the game You can obtain Ore by mining rocky outcroppings on the ground and cliffs in either of these locations.

Purchase Ore from the Crimson Treasury Shop in Minato

Crimson Treasury Shop

Wild Hearts players can also acquire Ore via purchasing it at the Crimson Treasury Shop in Minato for 400 Coins. It is one of the easiest ways to get Ore within the game. The Crimson Treasury shop is only accessible after successfully defeating the Kingtusk kemono. The inventory of the shop rotates regularly, so you will want to check back after completing hunts.

The Crimson Treasury Shop offers an extensive selection of items beyond Ore. So, if you have the correct amount of coins, you can visit the shop and purchase various essentials.

Use the Tsukumo Ore Shrines 

Tsukomo Ore Shrine

The Tsukomo Ore Shrines Dragon Karakuri is another effective way to acquire this valuable item. Discoverable in Chapter 3, this special Dragon Karakuri will allow you to gradually accumulate materials over time. Purchasing Ore at the shop still an option, but unlocking this Dragon Karakuri will let you obtain it without spending coins. Although this Dragon Karakuri may not always drop Ore, it is known to provide many useful materials including Corestones, Crystal Ore, and other items. 

That concludes our guide on how to get Ore in Wild Hearts. We hope this guide has provided you with valuable information. If it has been useful to you, please feel free to share it with others who may benefit from its content. Also, don’t forget to check out GameLuster’s other Wild Hearts guides to learn how to change your appearancewhich weapon is best to choosehow to get upgradable materials, and how you can fix the low FPS and graphics issues.

Wild Hearts is an action role-playing game currently available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, and PC platforms.


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