Wild Hearts Weapon Tier List

The Wild Hearts Weapon Tier List is a definitive ranking of all the weapons in the Wild Hearts game. It is based on a number of factors, including the weapon’s damage output, range, and utility. This tier list will help you choose the best weapons for your playstyle and help you dominate the competition. So without further ado, here is the Wild Hearts Weapon Tier List!

What Do Tiers Mean?

In case you’ve never encountered a tier list before, here is the breakdown!

S-Tier: These weapons will surely give you the edge you need to succeed. Equip yourself with the best of the best and take on whatever battle you face in full force.

A-Tier: These are not the strongest but powerful enough to cause considerable harm. It requires more accuracy than S-tier weapons but offers more versatility in combat.

B-Tier: These weapons are of moderate quality, falling somewhere in the middle of the arsenal available in the game.

C-Tier: These are the least powerful weapons available in the game, and you should only use these weapons when you have no other option.

All Weapons Ranked In Wild Hearts

Below we’ve ranked all of the current weapons in Wild Hearts from worst to best:

Hand Cannon (C-Tier)


The hand cannon is a long-range weapon with high damage-dealing power. You can take down enemies from distance, however, its charge and heat gauges make it the worst weapon in the game.

Nodachi (C-Tier)


The Nodachi is a close-range weapon that brings together the pacing and combos of the Katana with the range and heft of the Maul, both featured later in the list. While its basic functions are not hard to use, taking the time to learn its multitude of combos will make a big difference in unlocking its full potential. However, its special attack can drain all your stamina, so it’s not a good choice.

Bladed Wagasa (B-Tier)


Bladed Wagasa is an excellent choice for those who prefer a defensive approach to battles. Its attacks, strikes, and slashes can be very effective against limited enemies. However, it will not be as effective in situations with multiple enemies, so you should make sure to time your attacks accordingly. With mastery of the Bladed Wagasa, you can become an unbeatable warrior in the fight.

Maul (B-Tier)


Maul is a heavy-hitting melee weapon that can pack a punch when used against enemies, though its slow attack speed can be a downside. If you are looking to take down the enemy quickly and efficiently, then the Maul might not be the ideal choice. However, the Maul does have a unique ability that can significantly increase the damage and attack speed, making it a more viable option in certain situations. It is important to note that its heavy weight will also decrease your mobility, so you should only use it if you are confident and can handle the consequence.

Claw Blade (A-Tier)

Claw Blade

Claw Blades are an intricate type of weapon that relies on a combination of fast aerial attacks and the use of a rope to connect to the target. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds because the intense speed and elasticity of the Claw Blade can cause you to lose momentum and end up in unexpected places. Nevertheless, no other weapon can match the speed and agility of Claw Blades, and those who can master them will be nigh impossible to hit.

Bow (A-Tier)


A bow is a powerful ranged weapon that has the potential to inflict high amounts of damage. It uses two types of arrows – Haya and Otoya. What makes this bow so powerful is the combination of the two arrows. When you fire both arrows at the same time, it causes one of the arrows to detonate and cause even more damage to the enemy. Mastering this weapon isn’t easy, as it requires the player to be able to both avoid attacks from enemies while also taking accurate shots. Nevertheless, if a player can master this weapon, it can be a powerful and formidable tool. 

Karakuri Katana (A-Tier)

Karakuri Katana

As alluded to, Karakuri Katana is a fantastic weapon as it offers a range of attack options to help you take down enemies. From rapid light attacks to powerful heavy slashes, this weapon is perfect for close-range combat. With this weapon in your hands, you’ll be able to take control of any fight and come out on top.

Karakuri Staff (S-Tier)

Karakuri Staff

Wild Hearts is home to many unique weapons, but the Karakuri Staff stands out from the crowd. Karakuri Staff can also transform into five different forms, namely Long Staff, Twin Fang, War Pike, Giant Shuriken, and Juggernaut Blade, making it powerful enough to be an S-tier weapon.

That’s all in this Wild Hearts weapon tier list. Do you agree with the ranking? Let us know!

Wild Hearts is a role-playing action game currently available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, and PC platforms.

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