How to Find and Upgrade Tsukumo in Wild Hearts

Players of the popular video game Wild Hearts will often find themselves in search of the Tsukumo. This valuable companion can be found in several places, but only if you know where to look. In this guide, we will provide a detailed explanation of where to find Tsukumo in Wild Hearts. We will also include a map to help you along the way. Plus, we’ll also share some tips on how you can upgrade them and best use their abilities in the game.

So, if you’re looking for a fun and challenging game, look no further than Wild Hearts. And if you need help finding Tsukumo to join you on your journey, this guide is for you!

About Tsukumo


Tsukumo is a powerful robotic companion who appears in the game Wild Hearts. In-game combat can be challenging, but Tsukumo can assist by helping players battle dangerous enemies, including giant kemono. When facing a daunting task, it often helps to have a companion. For those confronting kemono in Wild Hearts, Tsukumo might just provide the edge needed for success. Consider taking one of these companions along for the journey. Tsukumo’s abilities are divided into four categories:

  • Attack Form: Tsukumo gains an additional bonus to its attack damage when used.
  • Defense Form: Tsukumo will equip a protective shield that can help reduce the amount of damage it receives and ensure the safety of the Tsukumo.
  • Assist Form: This increases your healing speed and also quickly revives Tsukumo should it fall in battle.
  • Threader Form: This form allows Tsukumo to supply you with more Celestial Thread acquired from its surroundings. Celestial Thread is a valuable resource used in conjuring Karakuri.

How to Find Tsukumo in Wild Hearts

Tsukomo locations


Discovering Tsukumo in Wild Hearts is easier than one might think. Each area in Azuma contains approximately fifty of these companions, for a total of around 250 in the game. 

No extra effort is needed to locate these special companions. As you explore the area, distinct robotic chimes will alert you when one of the companions is nearby. Keep your ears open and pay attention to your surroundings for a chance to find one of these Tsukumo. 

Wild Hearts offers plenty of opportunities for collecting Tsukumo, with countless rewards available. Every Tsukumo you find will grant you Old Cogs, so make sure to get your hands on as many Tsukumo as possible!

How to Upgrade Tsukumo in Wild Hearts

Tsukomo upgrade

Tsukumo upgrades require Old Cogs, which can be obtained by befriending new Tsukumo. Every Tsukumo you find will give you these Old Cogs. Collect them and use them at the campfire to upgrade various features of your Tsukumo. Gather as many cogs as possible for a better outcome.

Gather the required amount of Old Cogs and head over to the campfire. Next, press and hold L2 in order to access the menu and select “Enhance Tsukumo.. Now, choose the form you want to upgrade. All four forms can be upgraded to increase Tsukumo’s capabilities in battle.

That concludes our guide on how to find and upgrade Tsukumo in Wild Hearts. Check out GameLuster’s other Wild Hearts guides to help you find rare materials, such as Light StoneGiant Kemono Gems, and Silken Threads. If this guide proved helpful to you, we would love it if you took a moment to leave your feedback in the comments section.

Wild Hearts is an action role-playing game game currently available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, and PC platforms.

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