Moon Punch Studio has announced Wild West Dynasty, an open-world survival RPG with city-building elements. Set in the American Wild West of the 1800s, the game sets out a rags to riches tale of a settler building up their ranch into a prosperous town. The first trailer and early screenshots show a harsh desert environment, gunslingers on horseback, and all the cowboy hats you could wish for. It’s clear how inspired the title is by classic Western movies like The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, and Western games those films inspired, like Red Dead Redemption.


The comparisons to Red Dead Redemption don’t stop there. Wild West Dynasty will have dozens of missions and dialogue branches, as well as a dialogue consequences system. Completing missions may be harder than expected when the player must survive “scorching midday temperatures, freezing cold nights and dangerous wildlife,” as per the game’s Steam page. Thankfully, Moon Punch’s RPG also offers a skill tree with multiple layers, making the Wild West just a bit more bearable.

Wild West Dynasty seeks to separate itself from the competition with the elements it borrows from the city-building genre. The Western title promises resource management, crafting mechanics, town design, and more. Players will even be able to allocate workers to job roles, as well as manage trade routes to keep their budding town afloat. These mechanics sound strikingly similar to Medieval Dynasty, another open world RPG with whom Wild West Dynasty shares the same publisher, Toplitz Productions. 

A screenshot of Wild West Dynasty, showing a Blacksmith shop and other buildings along a sandy desert road.
City-building elements fuse with Western RPG gameplay.

Wild West Dynasty is slated for release later in 2022. We’re curious to see more of the game. Are you? What other Western influences can you see here? Let us know in the comments below. For more on all things Wild West Dynasty, stay tuned right here at GameLuster.

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