WWE 2K Battlegrounds Announced for Fall 2020 Release

WWE 2K Games recently stated that after the concerns with WWE 2K20, there would be no proper sequel this year, confirming that players wouldn’t see WWE 2K21 in 2020. However, wrestling fans will still be able to get their fix of extreme in the ring action, thanks to the announcement of WWE 2K Battlegrounds.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds promises a slightly different type of experience than long time fans are used to. The game is being developed by Saber Interactive, who produced another 2K series, the NBA Playground games. WWE 2K Battlegrounds seems to be going for a similar style, with a greater emphasis on over the top action, and a cartoony aesthetic for the characters.

At the time of the announcement, only a handful of wrestlers have been confirmed, including The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Becky Lynch, John Cena, and Charlotte Flair. If WWE 2K Battlegrounds is going to be the wrestling equivalent of the NBA Playground series, it’s a safe assumption that Battlegrounds will feature a much more extensive final roster made up of past and present WWE superstars.

The 25-second teaser trailer doesn’t offer much information on the title, like available consoles or release date beyond the Fall of 2020. But it does boast that players will be able to brawl without limits, and shows off gameplay of wrestlers using fiery punches, charging up energy and even John Cena being thrown straight into the open mouth of a giant alligator.

A representative of 2K games claims that they have taken feedback from the graphical, technical, and story-related issues that came up with the release of WWE 2K20. They’re attempting to use that information to create a title that will satisfy longtime veterans of the franchise, as well as new fans who want to try stepping into the ring for the very first time.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds is slated for release this fall with more information on the new title on the horizon.

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