WWE 2K15, What needs to change

I am a massive wrestling fan and I really want to see change in the games. And once i heard that 2K bought the WWE games i was so excited! because the NBA games are so well made I thought this year WWE would be like the NBA games. But When WWE 2K15 came out, it was basically the same as all the other games. 2K has confirmed that WWE 2k15 will be on next gen, but I am scared nothing will change as it will most likely be on Last Gen as well, so they wont change much for next gen. But what I really hope is a) Release only on Next Gen or b) do what was done with NBA2K14 and make basically a different game for next gen. So if WWE actually is going with one of those two options then here is what needs to be implemented!

Graphics Must Be Changed, With Better Crowd

So I think Graphics are on everybody’s list, and that is because the Graphics in the WWE games are a joke. Now i am not asking for all the wrestlers to be Mo-Caped or anything, but just do a complete overhaul of the graphics and get a new engine! use the NBA engine, as that looks really pretty and would make a lot of sense to use. And have a look at the EA UFC 14 graphics on the next consoles, that looks amazing, so if you can make that then do it in WWE as well. I guess the main problem is just that the graphics have looked the same for ages, and we really need a change. Now the crowd in the WWE games are so basic and boring. I mean if you look at the crowd they are all moving there hands in the same direction and it just takes away from the experience so much. In the WWE the crowd is one of the most important parts, and it completely takes away from the experience. And every single person in the WWE Games crowd Cheers for the good guy and Boo’s the bad guy. But in real WWE, maybe 70 percent go for the good guys and 30 percent go for the bad guys, and that’s how it should be in the game as well.


If you watch Raw or Smackdown or any WWE event you will see that for every match you will see a different Referee, so why cant we have more then 1 referee in the games. Seriously it gets trying having the same referee for every single match. And this will apply to more then just a skin. I think all Referees should act differently for example if you know down a referee one Ref might stay down for a long time, while another Ref might just be knocked down for a short amount of time. And what would be awesome about this is that the referee who gets knocked down for a longer time would count slower after he gets knocked out. Like you see in matches that if he gets knocked out then when he gets back up and counts the count is really slow , so lets have that in the game. And also if one referee gets knocked out you could have another referee run in and replace him also like in real life.

My Career

I have NBA 2k14 and I absolutely love My Career, so wouldn’t it be really obvious to put it in the WWE Games? SO you start off as a guy who tries out for NXT then he makes it into the NXT and then you have to get the NXT championship and then once you get the NXT championship then you can get drafted to Either Raw or Smackdown, then you hunt for the United States or Intercontinental title (depends which brand you get drafted to) then you hunt for the two big titles at Wrestlemania! now that is a very very rough outline of the whole thing. As in the actual game there is actual cut scenes with your guy and manager and that you can choose weather to be Heel or Face. And i don’t mean like when you start off there is an option saying would you like to be Heel or Face you should earn your reputation like in Infamous. I think this would be amazing for example you could either back stab your partner and get a title shot straight away (Heel Move) or you could not back stab him and then have to earn your title shot (Face Move) Or say you are in an I Quit match and you have your opponent on your shoulders about to do your finisher when you opponent says I Quit. Now the Heel move would be to do your finisher anyway, and your Face move would be to put him down, and this all adds up to the big picture and the game could change dramatically weather you are a Heel or Face. basically I want it as detailed as the NBA Career mode.

My Team

This is my most wanted feature out of the whole thing! I want a My team option in WWE 2k15. If you do not know what My Team is, it is basically Ultimate Team. When I first thought of this idea I thought no way it will work, but I think it will. So the game would be the same as My Team. You open different packs and get different wrestlers, so you start of with a bronze pack, so say your first Wrestler might be Heath Slater. Then you compete online against other wrestlers, and then you go up divisions like in Fifa. And then you buy like Silver packs and gold packs. But I would make it only like 2 wrestlers in each pack, because I am scared that there are too little amount of wrestlers for this to work, but i would love this! I would call this Mode My GM rather then My Team because you are not making a team but you are controlling the fate of wrestlers like a GM.

Improved Physics 

Game play is easily the most important part of any sport game, so when the physics are bad, it breaks the whole game, and in the WWE games the physics are relatively good but sometimes they are really weird, like with Chris Jericho Lionsault sometimes the opponent is too far away so he literally fly’s over to them, this also applies to some of the top rope moves. If the opponent is to far away then you will just fly across the ring to get to him, and this needs to be fixed. This is not a major game breaking thing but With sport games its just the little things that really immerse you, and this stops it. The winning animation really need to change. The generic winning celebration is really bad, and most superstars should have a unique winning celebration. I’m not saying all should but most should, and for the people who will not have a unique celebration there should be like 10 default ones so every time it will switch between that. The thing that ruins it is that when you win a title there is only one celebration. And this is the guy crying with the title. And that might sound OK, but when Kane wins the title, do you really think he will cry… That’s why some people need there own Celebrations.

Improved Commentary & Unique Selling

We really need new commentary, the commentary has not changed for like 3 years and it really takes you out of it. I mean look at Fifa’s commentary that’s amazing, so that’s why we should have some commentary like that. It’s something minor but adds to the experience so much, as it would be way better then Michael Cole saying one like every 2 minutes. Or you could just remove all commentary and have them just talking about the WWE APP. I mean that’s all they talk about anyways… The other thing is that different Wrestlers should sell moved differently. I mean if you look at Dolph Ziggler selling a move it is completely different then say The Undertaker. Like I said this is also minor but it makes the game that more realistic.


Now if this is all way to hard to do then dont do it every year!. I would love for the wrestling games to come out once every 2 years but just keep patching the older one. So if a WWE game is released once every 2 years, then just do like weekly updates so add more Arena’s and change stats and change look of characters if they have changed. As I say i would rather have a great game that takes a while to make rather then an average game that releases all the time. I really hope that this year is where 2K really steps up there competition, as that is what they NEED to do. They have to reboot the entire series like this, or else it will stop selling. I mean the games are getting pretty crap and if they don’t completely overhaul the series then that’s it for the games.








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