WWE 2K17 Roster Addition Announcement

WWE have just announced that the most powerful family in sports entertainment will now be playable in WWE 2K17

Earlier today, Stephanie McMahon revealed that she, along with father Mr. McMahon and brother Shane McMahon, will be a part of the playable roster within the game.


“It’s a family affair,” she tweeted. “Catch @VinceMcMahon, @shanemcmahon, and I in #WWE2K17!”

This announcement from Stephanie McMahon marks the first ina  long line of weekly WWE 2K17 roster announcements, which will begin in early August. It also assures WWE gamers that the McMahon family will be a part of a roster which includes Brock Lesnar and Pre-order exclusive character, Goldberg and more competitors from both the WWE and NXT.

Let us know what you think about this roster reveal below!

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