WWI-Set FPS Tannenberg Released On PS4 and Xbox One

Dutch developers M2H and Blackmill Games beat DICE to the punch when putting out their WWI-themed FPS Verdun, releasing it on Steam roughly a year and a half before the better known (and better publicized) Battlefield 1.

Rather than rest on their laurels, the teams worked together on an expansion, Tannenberg, which came out for Steam users last year. Now, Tannenberg is being released for PS4 and Xbox One, featuring all of the content from the Steam release, plus an all-new map for players to slug it out on.

Tannenberg takes players to the rarely explored Eastern Front of WWI, where the Central Powers tread a massive totentanz with the Russian Empire and various minor powers in a war of maneuver and movement, a stark contrast to the grinding and bloody stalemates of the Western Front.

Players will take control of squads from Germany, Russia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Austria-Hungary, then run them across a variety of terrain ranging from deep forests to the jagged peaks of the Carpathian Mountains. The new map gives players a new challenge as they try to hold (or capture) the Austro-Hungarian fortress of Przemysl.

The listed price for Tannenberg is $19.99. Additionally, PS4 players can pick up the “WWI Games” bundle, which contains Tannenberg, Verdun, and 12 avatars. The console versions have also been optimized to take advantage of the enhanced capabilities of the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

M2H founder Mike Hergaarden expressed his enthusiasm for the release, “We’re proud to release our first fully in house console releases on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 today! Building on the experience gained with our popular remaster of Verdun, we have reworked everything from the UI and controls to in-game graphics specifically for each console. We can’t wait to see what the community thinks of the First World War on the Eastern Front!”

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