Ghost Of Tsushima Becomes PS4’S Fastest-Selling Original IP

Ghost Of Tsushima has become Sony’s fastest-selling original IP for the Playstation 4. A message was released via Playstation’s Twitter account declaring that the game reached this feat with “more than 2.4 million units sold globally in its first three days of sales.”

They further thanked fans and congratulated studio Sucker Punch for the achievement.

An indicator of Ghost Of Tsushima’s success came yesterday following a message from Playstation Japan’s Twitter account, declaring that following a strong reception for the game, several retail stores had run out of stock. While new copies are being manufactured, the digital download is still available via the Playstation Store.

The Last Of Us Part II, however, remains not only the most downloaded PS Store Game for last month but the fastest-selling first-party PS4 exclusive of all time, selling more than 4 million copies during its opening weekend. 

The official game soundtrack for Ghost Of Tsushima was released via Milan Records on July 17, available digitally and as a two-CD set.

The score is described as “a powerful, evocative score that brings to life the world of 13th century Tsushima and Jin’s difficult path from samurai to Ghost.”

Ilan Eshkeri, along with Shigeru “Ume” Umebayashi, produced the samurai adventure’s OST.

He said: “Jin’s theme, The Way of the Ghost, was one of the very first pieces I wrote. While some of my first sketches evolved, this theme really stuck. It’s all about how the people of Tsushima see him.”

Ume further explained that the music was inspired by “Japan’s nature, climate, traditional lifestyle, and classical Japanese music.”

Recording for the soundtrack is described as a “global undertaking, combining input from the composers, Sucker Punch and PlayStation’s internal music department.”

Ghost Of Tsushima is available now on the PS4.

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