Xbox Game Pass April Lineup: Minecraft Legends And Former PS5 Exclusive

Microsoft has announced when the next batch of titles will hit Xbox Game Pass this month, and there are some good titles coming.

First up, Loop Hero hits the service today for both console and PC. Set in a world that has been erased by an evil force Loop Hero sees you take on the role of a nameless hero as they attempt to slay endless hordes of monsters and rebuild their lost kingdom one circuit at a time.   

Players will also be able to join the Mobile Trench Brigade and protect the Earth from the Monovision menace when Double Fine’s marvellous mech-battling Tower Defense game, Iron Brigade hits both consoles and cloud streaming on Thursday, April 6.

Next up, the highly anticipated (by me) Xbox port of Tango Gameworks’ ghostbusting adventure Ghostwire: Tokyo is out on April 12 for console, cloud and PC. The Xbox version of Ghostwire may be missing the DualSense features, but it does come bundled with the Spider’s Thread update that adds extra missions and new supernatural forces to battle in the hauntingly empty Shibuya streets as you work to uncover the dark truth behind how thousands of Tokyo citizens could disappear in the blink of an eye.    

Players can also face off against the Piglin hordes in Minecraft Legends when it launches day one on Game Pass for consoles, cloud and PC on April 18. 

In this action-strategy adventure, you’ll be tasked with exploring a wide variety of biomes as you build an army of unlikely allies to repel the voracious Piglin invaders from the Overworld. Part Pikmin, part Tower Defence, Minecraft Legends is positioning itself to be an adventure for all the family.

However, if you’re more of an ice hockey fan (and if not, why not?) NHL23 will be available to all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers when it’s added to EA Play on April 13. New hats for this year’s edition include cross-platform matchmaking and women’s league players being added to Ultimate Team.  

That’s your lot! Will you be joining the Mobile Infantry, slaying spirits in Tokyo, or repelling the dastardly Piglins from the Overworld? Tell us what you think of April’s Game Pass lineup in the comments below!  

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