Bayonetta Origins: Cereza – Jabberwock The Faerie Dragon Boss Guide

Beware the Jabberwock, dear players – for this ferocious monster from Lewis Carroll’s famous poem holds the third Elemental Core you must locate in Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon. After claiming the Wood Core from Fomhorach and the Stone Core from Amadan Dubh, Cereza and her companion Cheshire will find the Water Core clasped in the claws of the Voracious Faerie Dragon.

You might find yourself wishing for a Vorpal Sword to slay the Jabberwock with a simple snicker-snack, but, unfortunately, no such weapon can be found in Bayonetta Origins. Instead, Cereza will once again need to rely on a combination of her Umbral Magic and the power Cheshire gained from the previous Elemental Cores. Luckily, this guide will help you conquer each step of the tricky, multi-phase boss fight against Jabberwock in Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon.

Beware The Jabberwock, My Friends


Like Amadan Dubh before it, Jabberwock’s boss battle features multiple stages. Unfortunately, the very first time he attacks Cereza and Cheshire at the top of Windy Knot, the pair will actually not be able to hit him or damage him at all. Just focus on running away and keeping Cereza’s health as high as possible until this phase ends. Frustrated with its inability to eliminate you, Jabberwock will then send Cereza and Cheshire crashing through the branches to the arena below. Continue dodging his attacks for just a little bit longer to end this phase.

Next, Jabberwock turns out to be quite a coward, as it will run away. Hunt it down, facing projections of Cereza’s fears along the way, until you find the Faerie Dragon once again. Then, Cereza will unlock the Thorn Vice skill, a more powerful version of her original Thorn Bind. Thorn Vice is capable of cracking Jabberwock’s armor and damaging him. Now, finally armed with an attack that can damage Jabberwock, it’s time for the final showdown against this boss!

The Jabberwock, With Eyes Of Flame


Once you truly face down the Jabberwock at Wyvern Falls, it will realize that Cereza is a genuine threat and will break out some new attacks. Although it guards the Water Core, many of Jabberwock’s attacks are fire-themed, perhaps in reference to the original poem. The Voracious Faerie Dragon will start out on the ground, firing lasers and bursts of fire at you. Avoid these attacks and look for an opening during which Cereza can break out her newly earned Thorn Vice. This will leave Jabberwock completely vulnerable and let Cheshire get in several hits at once. If you are having trouble finding an opening, don’t worry – every so often, this boss will overexert himself and temporarily stun himself, giving Cereza a perfect Thorn Vice opportunity!

After losing about half of its health, the Jabberwock will once again crash through the vines and branches to reveal a larger arena below. Now, the Faerie Dragon will take to the air, shooting ranged fireball attacks at Cereza and Cheshire. Dodge the ranged attacks and wait for the Jabberwock to dive in closer to once again stun it with a Thorn Vice and take out as much of its health as possible. Remember that Cheshire has access to both his Wood and Stone forms, which are capable of dealing powerful attacks while Jabberwock is stunned.

Eventually, Jabberwock will begin to alter its attack pattern by summoning pillars in the middle of the arena. This means that it is about to unleash a devastating attack that will cover the entire arena – except for a small safe area behind one of the pillars. Quickly shelter behind the pillar and wait for this AOE attack to conclude before attempting to stun or attack Jabberwock again. Typically, the Voracious Dragon will be vulnerable directly after unleashing one of these attacks, giving Cereza and Cheshire another great chance to deplete his health.

Hast Thou Slain The Jabberwock?


The final stage of the fight will begin when a ZR button prompt appears on stage. Press the button and Cheshire will look like he is going in for the killing blow – but, unfortunately, he will fail and Jabberwock will capture him instead. During this final stage, you will not have access to Cheshire and will have to control Cereza alone.

Climb onto one of the raised cages scattered throughout the arena and use Cereza’s Umbral Magic with the ZL Button to bloom the Bomb Flowers you find there. (However, be careful – while Jabberwock may seem focused on Cheshire, it CAN still attack Cereza during this phase!) Once you have bloomed both patches of Bomb Flowers, you will briefly switch to controlling Cheshire. Mash the R Button to pin Jabberwock down until it sticks out its tongue. You will see that Jabberwock’s tongue is covered with Bomb Flowers – so you know what to do!

Use Cereza’s Umbral Magic one last time to bloom the Bomb Flowers on Jabberwock’s tongue. The Faerie Dragon will make the mistake of swallowing them and exploding from the inside, bringing an end to this lengthy battle at last. Now, it’s time to claim your rewards!

Oh, Frabjous Day! Your Reward is a Core!


After taking down Jabberwock for good, Cereza and Cheshire will be rewarded with a full Vitality Flower, that can be used to permanently increase your maximum health. In addition, you will also gain access to the Water Core that Jabberwock had previously been guarding. As with the previous two cores, this grants a new form to Cheshire and a new ability to Cereza.

Cereza will now be able to raise her magic meter by absorbing water from certain locations discovered while exploring the world. Meanwhile, Cheshire can use his Water form to swim and shoot a jet of water that is triggered with the R button. This water jet can spin fans and flood pipes that are found around the forest, which is necessary for solving several environmental puzzles and often rewards Cheshire with Avalon Drops that he can use to learn new skills. The final ability of Cheshire’s Water form allows him and Cereza to move around quickly on the water, as they can jump onto floating lily pads and use the adorable creature’s water jet as a propeller!

How did you enjoy the battle against Jabberwock in Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon? Did you find him easier or more difficult than the previous Elemental Core-guarding bosses? How have you been using Cereza and Cheshire’s Water powers to explore the forest? Comment below and let us know!


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