Xbox Game Pass Heading Over to PC

The Xbox Game Pass is coming over to PC, though it’s not entirely the same as the one currently available on the Xbox One. There’s still no date of when it will launch, and we don’t know what the prices will look like. However, Microsoft will provide more in-depth details at E3 this year. This Xbox Game Pass for PC will play host to more than 100 titles, which Microsoft claims to be of very “high quality.” That’s roughly about half the number of games compared to Xbox One’s Game Pass.

xboxgamepassSome of the video game publishers joining the foray are Bethesda, Deep Silver, Devolver Digital and SEGA, to name a few. They are in talks with roughly 75 developers and publishers to support the program. The subscription on PC will also receive first-party titles from Microsoft that they self-publish day an date like it does on Xbox One.

Members will be able to enjoy discounts in the Microsoft Store on Windows, seeing up to 20% off for games and 10% off for DLC and add-ons.

Microsoft will also no longer keep its titles exclusive to its own store. The company will be bringing Halo: The Master Chief Collection to Steam later this year, and more titles will continue to also be added. Currently, more than 20 Xbox Game Studios titles are in the works.

The company is also looking into other storefronts on PC. None are specifically mentioned, but the Epic Game Store and GOG could be possible contenders. And lastly, Microsoft will also start supporting Win32 games to better support both developers and gamers.

Food for Thought

It’s good to see Microsoft care for its PC business, which has been used to being neglected over its baby brother, the Xbox. Looks like Microsoft wants to grow the Xbox brand and make it more than just a console.

What do you think about the Xbox Game Pass coming to PC? What games are you hoping to see on it? Sound off in the comments below.

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