Xbox Officially Reveals Rumored Series S Console

The highly anticipated next-generation Xbox Series X console was officially announced months ago. The console is estimated to debut at a rather daunting retail price of $499 USD. Fans spread rumors – and hoped – that a smaller, less intense and less expensive version of the console would also be released, similar to previous offerings such as the Xbox One S.

This rumor was proven true today when Xbox, following several leaks of images and other information regarding the console, took to Twitter to officially announce the Xbox Series S. A smaller version of the Series X, this dazzlingly white console combines a portion of the Series X’s next-generation hardware with a slim, compact design which will fit easily underneath, above or beside most TVs.

The Series S is likely to represent a significant price cut when compared to the much larger Series X. Its set retail price is a mere $299 USD. In addition, the Series S will also be available as part of the Xbox All Access plan, which will cost $25 per month and will include access to both the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live services.

While there is no official source yet, a leaks suggest that the smaller console will feature decreased processing power when compared to its higher-intensity counterpart. In particular, while it will still feature the processing speed necessary to run next-generation games, the Series S will have lesser graphics capabilities.

This further leak takes the form of an apparent commercial for the Series S console. If legitimate, the short video confirms that even this budget Xbox will support 4K upscaling for games and streaming for other media, as well as 120 FPS.


Both consoles are currently planned to debut in the holiday season, with a recent leak suggestion it could be November 6, and another saying November 10. Hopefully, more official information regarding the Series S’ processing power and capabilities will be released as its release date nears.

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