If you live in the U.K and you just bought an Xbox One, you’re going to have a bad time.

Microsoft just dropped the price for the first time for their newest console the Xbox One. The Xbox One is now £30 cheaper then the orginal price of £429.30. Which brings the price from £429.99 to £399.99

But the best part about this new price drop is that along with the price drop, a digital version of Titanfall is available for free! that’s right along with a cheaper Xbox One you are also getting Titanfall for free!

But the bundle also comes with a 1 month xbox live gold subscription and the Xbox One headset.


Xbox U.K. managing director Harvey Eagle said the price cut is meant to help promote the launch of Titanfall, so as you can tell Microsoft really wants Titanfall to be their new system seller, and new big franchise.

“The reason for doing this is about giving gamers in the UK the best value we can with Xbox One,” Eagle said. “That starts with the announcement we’re making about this new price point of £399 moving forward, and continues with the inclusion of the hottest game of the year in Titanfall.”

“We are not dropping the standard price of Xbox One,” a representative for Microsoft said. “The Xbox One Titanfall bundle is a special offer to celebrate the launch of one of the most anticipated games of the new console generation.”

With this new price cut, the ps4 is still just a bit cheaper the the Xbox One in U.K. To be specific the ps4 is £50 cheaper.

This new bundle will be available on Feburay the 28th, only in the U.K, and on March 11th you will be able to redeem your Titanfall code for no extra cost.


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