Xbox Tokyo Game Show Presentation Will Not Feature Next-Gen News

Yesterday, Tokyo Game Show 2020 revealed its all-digital presentation schedule, which included updates and announcements from major game developers and publishers such as Xbox. Xbox’s stream, which is scheduled to be about an hour-long, will take place on Thursday, September 24, and help kick off the four-day event.  Fans were extremely excited, and rumors immediately began spreading that the presentation would include news regarding the upcoming next-generation console, the Xbox Series X. The Series X is expected to launch later this year, but word has so far been extremely scarce.

However, Xbox quickly took to their official Twitter account to confirm that no next-gen news will be announced during the Tokyo Game Show. Instead, the broadcast, which will be made entirely in Japanese, will focus on celebrating Xbox games made by Japanese gamers as well as the Japanese gaming community. In particular, creative designs made by Japanese Minecraft players will be showcased.

Additionally, Xbox Japan will use this presentation as an opportunity to provide Japanese-language updates on first and third-party Xbox titles announced over the past several months. Viewers can potentially expect to see repeats of announcements that were previously made in English.

Finally, Xbox has confirmed that they will be announcing updates to the PC version of Microsoft Flight Simulator at the Tokyo Game Show. Flight Simulator, which was initially released in August, has already received a great deal of praise from fans and critics alike. It is currently available for purchase via both Steam and the Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

While some fans may be disappointed by this news, they can be reassured that several other developers and publishers will be making exciting announcements during the upcoming event. In particular, CD Projekt RED has confirmed that they will be debuting more information regarding Cyberpunk 2077, while Capcom plans to show off the recently announced Resident Evil 8.

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