Monolith Soft’s Xenoblade Chronicles 2 aims to show you a thing or three in the Version 1.3.0 update coming next week. The biggest draw this time around is the ability to play New Game Plus which has a variety of incentive to dive back into the world of Alrest. New Game+ features include:

  • The ability to unlock Blades exclusive to New Game+.
  • All blades that could not be disengaged during the initial playthrough, like Pyra, can now be used during Merc missions.
  • Driver levels can now be decreased at inns with the added bonus of being able to exchange bonus experience for special items. One of the items mentioned allows the player to increase the number of accessory slots, further enhancing various build combinations.
  • Driver levels, equipment and affinity charts for both drivers and blades, resonated Blades, obtained items and gold, Merc group level, Development levels, Event Theater, and Unique Monster defeats will all carry over to New Game+.

Some amazing quality of life additions are noted as well. The mini-map can now be expanded to show similar icons to that of the Skip Travel screen. An easy mode will also be added and can be changed any time within the in-game options. And easily the most notable addition to the update is the ability to skip the Blade resonating cutscene along with being able to lock certain Blades in your party.

Be warned as the additional Blades may be seen as spoilers, so read the Nintendo’s original blog post at your own risk. Though the DLC has been rolling out rather slowly, it is great to see these past few free updates be expansive and give players an excuse to find Elysium all over again. For more information regarding Xenoblade Chronicles 2, check out the official trailer below.



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