Strategy Game Veteran Soren Johnson Announces New Game

Soren Johnson, veteran from Firaxis Games and his own Mohawk Games, has announced a new strategy game titled 10 Crowns.

Johnson has worked on popular titles such as Civilization III and Civilization IV, as well as the captivating Offworld Trading Company from his own studio. With such a fantastic history in the genre, fans of strategy games are reeling over this recent news.

According to publisher Starbreeze, who has officially signed on with the game, 10 Crowns will be “an epic-scale turn-based strategy game that lets players create the greatest dynasty in world history.” Starbreeze CEO Bo Andersson-Klint also stated that he is an avid Civilization IV fan and is “greatly looking forward to working with Mohawk on the game.”

Art director Dorian Newcomb, who worked on Civilization V, will be joining Johnson to bring the game to life. His concept art for the game can be seen below.

Johnson stated that he “looks forward to sharing more about the design with the strategy game community and involving them in development as early as possible.” According to the Starbreeze Studios website, 10 Crowns is still in the prototyping stages of development.

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