Xenoblade Chronicles 3D details

A preview for Xenoblade Chronicles 3D has been published over on Nintendo World Report, within it we are getting a series of new details on the game including how the controls work on the game, as well as the new collection mode. Here are the roundup of the key details:

– No cuts aside from Japanese voice acting
– Button layout is different than on the Wii controllers
– Pick attacks by scrolling with the d-pad
– Use the ZL-button to get more control over the camera
– Use ZR to quickly let a fullscreen map pop up
– C-stick for camera controls
– Touchscreen provides information about the state of your party and a small mini-map
– Only a handful of things to collect in Collection Mode as you start out, but more are added as you progress
– 3 tokens for scanning Shulk
– 2 tokens for every player you meet in StreetPass
– 1 token for every 5 Play Coins
– If you want to unlock something new in Collection Mode for certain, you need to spend 3 coins
– Can use the Shulk amiibo each day
– Listen to music in Collection Mode while the system is closed

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