Xenoblade Chronicles X director talks a bit about Squads, Unions

The developers of Xenoblade Chronicles X take to Twitter regularly to share the latest details or key piece of information on the game. For the latest piece of information to be shared director Koh Kojima has taken to Twitter to discuss some details in regards to Squads and Unions in the game.

Here is the information shared by Kojima:

Two more bits of information relating to the ‘Doll/Network’ video presentation. You can join Squads once you’ve reached a certain point in the game. You can choose from Solo Play and Multi-Play. You can also join Squads that your friends are in.

While online, the Player can change the Union they belong to by paying a set fee (using in-game currency). You can be calculating and switch to a Union with good results or you can help raise the rank of the Union you’re already in.

The Union you belong to affects the contents of the Union Salary, which you receive once per day, (which can include repair tickets [possible that they mean ‘coupons’] for Dolls that have exceed their insurance limit) so it’s a good idea to try various ones out.

Xenoblade Chronicles X will launching in Japan later this month on April 29th. If all goes right we should see Xenoblade Chronicles X arrive later this year in North America and Europe.

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