Xenoblade Chronicles X Famitsu review translated

Earlier this week the first reviews came out for Xenoblade Chronicles X thanks to the latest Famitsu. Four of the magazines editors took a look at the game and awarded the game scores of 9,9,8,8 respectively.

Of course when it comes to reviews the score is only the small part of the review and what really counts is what is said about the game and how the individual views the game. So what did Famitsu have to say about Xenoblade Chronicles X? The translation of the review has come out so you can find out what they had to say about the game, so if you want to know remember to look below:

Reviewer 1 – 9Deep and long story, tough enough difficulty and highly user-friendly systems remind of old RPGs in a good way. The huge open world is packed with a countless number of stories and it will require time and effort to tackle them properly. Pilotable Dolls are irresistible gems for people who like robots, as there are plenty of customization elements and you can dynamically transform the vehicle. There is much to do, and while it may feel tiresome, you’ll get a sense of accomplishment.

Reviewer 2 – 9

It’s fun to adventure seamlessly in a huge field which overflows with the sense of freedom. Things like huge primitive creatures are also exciting. Adventuring is pleasant thanks to a handy Skip Travel feature which allows for movement by touching the map. There are plenty of strategy elements and although they are complex to an extent, unique systems like “Soul Voice”, which activates under certain conditions, are interesting. You can also enjoy other strategy elements like arts, skills and Dolls, or the customization.

Reviewer 3 – 8

The word “grand” describes this really epic game precisely. The huge field is beautiful and the excitement doesn’t run out in this adventure when the view changes from day to night. Things like the world setting are explained carefully and cut-scenes appear often so it is a bit of waste that things tend to progress slowly. It would also be good if the tempo of conversations was a bit faster. It’s nice that you can attack fiercely when you get the knack of combat. It’s also charming how enemies or Dolls launch attacks from different types of customizable parts.

Reviewer 4 – 8

It’s fun to move around and explore the seamless open world without any stress and there are many gimmics which take use of vastness of the map. The combat combines action games with a command-based system, the tempo is good, and battles are highly strategic. The story is carefully made, but there is a strong feeling of just watching a movie. There are also many cases where game systems aren’t properly explained and one has to stumble around in the dark.

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