Nintendo reconfirms that Xenoblade Chronicles X is due out “later this year” in North America

For a while now we have been waiting to find out a release date for Monolith Soft’s upcoming game Xenoblade Chronicles X for America, Europe and everywhere else that is not Japan. Previously we have been told that Xenoblade Chronicles X would be arriving in 2015 but nothing beyond this, while I can’t bring positive news and confirm a proper release date, Nintendo has reiterated that Xenoblade Chronicles X is still expected to make its way to North America “later this year”, however no specific time frame has been announced. However what is truly noteworthy here is that no mention has been made as to when the game will arrive in Europe or even Australia, I have hopes that the game will come out later this year everywhere but I personally would not hold my breath, however I imagine E3 could shed some light on the situation with the release date.

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