Xenoblade Chronicles X Limited Edition Pack and Premium Pack heading to Europe this December

Xenoblade Chronicles X is set to arrive this December in both Europe and North America, but for European Wii U owners and tentative buyers they will be seeing a whole lot more from the game or at least the physical package and offerings. When Xenoblade Chronicles X arrives this December European’s will be able to purchase either the Premium Pack or alternatively the Limited Edition Pack.

In the case of what these packs offer, the Xenoblade Chronicles X Premium Pack will be the option for non Wii U owners. This particular pack will provide buyers with a Wii U console featuring the standard 32GB of data and no changes fro the standard console, on top of this the game comes as part of the bundle, and you will receive a world map poster as well as an art book, which is a pretty good combination.

For current Wii U owners there is also the Limited Edition Pack, this particular pack will provide a copy of the game featuring a steelbook cover which is sure to make it look cool. Alongside this buyers of the Limited Edition Pack will receive an art book, as well as two posters, one poster featuring the world map and the other featuring the games cover art. Both seem like good deals and will arrive this December.

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