Yoshi’s Wooly World will feature support for other Amiibo’s, provides costumes for Yoshi

Yoshi’s Wooly World is to feature a decent amount of cosmetic Amiibo support, we already knew that the game was going to feature support for the Yoshi Amiibo’s in the form of both the standard Yoshi as well as the adorable plush one. However, Nintendo had not mentioned whether they planned to provide support for the other Amiibo figures they have available, this though has now changed as through a new video released by the company Nintendo has announced the game will be compatible with a wide range of Amiibo figures.

Through the video Nintendo has confirmed the Amiibo support for the game will be purely cosmetic with each compatible figure providing Yoshi with a color design and costume representing the scanned character as you can see above, for know you can the video below and see them in action:

It is worth noting that the Pokemon Amiibo’s will not be supported in Yoshi’s Wooly World so sorry you can’t dress your Yoshi like a Pikachu, Charizard or Jigglypuff, such a missed opportunity there.

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